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Tile – The Ideal Finish

Custom tilework offers the homeowner the opportunity to add some personality to their home with this ideal finish. Creating a color coordinated grooming

Tub Faucets

Tub faucets are among the many bath fixtures that are a vital part of your bathroom environment. This is primarily due to the

Baby Hot Tub

Water is the staple of life, it is not only refreshing but it also has powerful restorative qualities as well. As most new

Bathroom Renovation Steps

If you are a first time bathroom renovator, when performing home renovations, you will find that besides the kitchen, the bathroom is probably

vessel sink

The 7 Best Vessels Sinks 2021

Bathroom vessels sinks are among some the most contentious plumbing fixtures in the lavatory because they leave homeowners with a knot of uncertainty

Bathroom Sinks Explored

Bathroom Sinks Explored

Modern day bathroom sinks supply the restroom remodeler with an extensive line of basins in a variety of designs, components as well as

Planning for Shower Ceiling Lights

When devising a lighting plan for their bathroom most homeowners forget about shower ceiling lights for brightening up their stall. Good ambient luminance

Decorative Lighting Solutions

Who likes entering a gloomy looking room? No one does, but how do you add brilliance to your home décor? When someone thinks

Tub Technology Makes it Happen

A Pleasurable Bathing Experience Most people don’t realize how tub technology has changed the way we use our bathing space. When you get

Sheet Vinyl Flooring in Your Bath

Modern Synthetic Resins Both large and small residential bathrooms can benefit from the installation of sheet vinyl flooring because it has fewer seams

What to Know Before Wiring a Bathroom

First Learn Basic Electrical Principles Wiring a bath involves more than just electrical wires, receptacles and switches. The underlying fundamental about bathrooms is

How to Unclog a Toilet Fast

Choked Drain Pipes Leaving You Breathless? Arrgh, my drain is backed up in my toilet again! So what are some easy home remedies

Teak Shower Mat,best Teak Shower Mat

The 8 Best Teak Shower Mats 2021

Using a teak shower mat is cheaper and long-lasting compared to traditional methods. Traditionally, cloth and rubber have been the materials used to

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