MagicBath Baby Hot Tub

Baby Hot Tub

Water is the staple of life, it is not only refreshing but also has powerful restorative qualities as well. As most new parents will tell you, babies love the water experience as they coo and laugh while they blissfully splash away to their heart’s content.

While we all want the best for our offspring and try to provide them with the amenities of life there are those lucky few who can go above and beyond just the everyday conveniences to offer their children only the best.

The MagicBath by BluBleu designed by a manufacturer based in Italy gives parents the opportunity to pamper their little tykes with sumptuous washing options that are sure to enhance their bathing enjoyment with this opulent bathtub.

Baby Hot Tub

Up to One Year of Age

The product itself is made out of acrylic and is designed to comfortably accommodate babies up to twelve months old. Due to its sloping backrest, it is intended to let young infants lie down at one end while slightly older children from six to twelve months old can easily sit up at the front.

No one is questioning the need for a tub that they can comfortably bathe their young infant in, the controversy herein lies in its hard-to-digest price tag.

Designer Jacuzzi

Worth just over $2500 US this miniature designer Jacuzzi is sure to raise some eyebrows as to the sanity of the purchaser since the infant will hardly remember which basin their caregiver washed them in when they grow up.

On the other side of the coin, some will argue that there is no harm in giving one’s offspring the best VIP treatment the world has to offer especially if you can readily afford it without even batting an eye.

Tallying the Toll of Opulence

But one can only wonder if the child will be able to appreciate the simpler things in life if everything is handed to them on a silver platter, so to speak. But that is for the psychologist to decide, our concern here is whether you’re getting what you pay for.

Not to mention how cool it is being able to pamper your sweetie-pie in an expensive spalike whirlpool that no one else in your neighborhood has considering the average price of an infant bathtub normally costs under thirty dollars?

How Much can you Spend

When shopping for a tub the first thing that comes to mind is how much you can spend. Well, if you have to think about this one then the MagicBath is definitely out of your reach and you had better stick to the bargain aisle at Wall Mart.

With designer baby gear becoming all the rage in Hollywood and across the country, the MagicBath by BluBleu is a chic and trendy statement that says loads about your status and ability to take care of your family’s needs in spades. In this untapped luxury market, the bottom line is to buy the best tub you can afford.

Ideal for Small Spaces

The other question you should ask when looking for a new baby bath is how much space you have? Do you have enough counter space or can you place it on a side cart?

BlueBleu has taken care of this problem in a novel way by giving the tub legs to stand on. This waist height free standing pedestal basin is made from durable high-quality acrylic and is large enough to accommodate a small toddler.


Due to its diminutive size, it can be stored in a closet when not in use or fit easily in a nominal sized bathroom or bedroom for easy access when attending to your child’s cleansing needs. get the best portable bathtubs here.

The tub’s portability through wheels positioned under the legs makes it easier to move and being able to fit through existing doors and hallways is a plus too as is its manageable weight.

The four curved legs offer a stable base when filled with water for additional support and the product does conform to the safety standards on merchandise used for the bathing of small infants.

All the Right Features

Conserving floor space is not its only trick as this designer Jacuzzi takes on an air of luxury with its ten bubble jet air massage system which also features six “relaxing” underwater LEDs that you can cycle through color sequences for a blissful aromatherapy session.

This handsome model also features controllable water temperature controlled from a digital display that shows the water temperature and also allows the user to connect a flexible hose to drain the tub after the bath from an accessible location.

Let me assure you there is nothing wrong with bathing your child in a thirty-dollar mini-tub but if I could fit it into my (almost non-existent) budget I would be more than happy to bring my loved ones into this world with all the luxuries I could afford.

Babies, I believe deserve a charmed existence and the new spa-styled bathtubs take pampering to dazzling heights and would be a charming addition to any bathroom.

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