7 Essential Bathing Aids for Elderly

Bathing Aids For Elderly

Bathing aids for elderly people are used in order to help these people do their daily task of taking a bath with more convenience. There are a variety of options that you can opt for when looking for bathing aids for elderly.

Sometimes with all the options you have, it can get a little confusing so it would be advisable to do some research and get to know some of the important factors you have to consider. Also, make sure to note the prices of each item since this can be one of the crucial deciding points when you finally decide to make a purchase.

The used of bathing aids for elderly can be beneficial for both the elderly person and the person assigned to care for them.

These aids allow a more convenient way of taking a bath without worrying about the hazards of leaving an elder alone inside the bathroom. Also, it can boost the self esteem of the elder person since it allows them to gain a little independence from their care giver.

Common Bathroom Aids for the Elderly

Listed below are some common bathing aids for elderly people that you can use as a guide when shopping around.

Angled Steel Grab Rails / Grab Handles

Made from either plastic or metal, these bathing aids for elderly are used in order to avoid slips since bathroom tile floor can be slippery. Also, they allow the elder to gain additional support especially when moving from one point to another within the bathroom.

3 in 1 Shower Commode Chair

This type of chair is one of the most common bathing aids for elderly since it can be used as shower chair during bath time, a standard toilet since it has an optional chute and lastly as a commode by placing a urinal pan underneath it.

Bath Shortener

This type of aids is used as an additional caution when giving elders a bath inside a tub. This keeps them from slipping into the water, avoiding accidents.

How to Choose Shower Chairs for Elderly

It is important to buy shower chairs for elderly for safety reasons. Elderly people have a hard time moving from one place to another. It might be dangerous if they stand for a long time under the shower. Their legs might not be able to support their body weight at such a long time. To ensure safety while elderly people are taking a shower, you need to provide them with shower chairs.

Another benefit of using shower chairs for old people is comfort. Old people need to be comfortable while doing activities even daily routines like taking a shower. Even younger people will also find it better and more comfortable to take a shower while sitting on a chair.

However, it is important to choose the right shower chairs for elderly. Check out the following paragraphs to give you some ideas about choosing the right shower chair for old people.

  • The first thing you should consider is the height. You do not want to choose a chair that is too high or too short. Old people will find it difficult to reach and sit on a chair that is too high. On the other hand, a very short chair might give back pains to an elderly.
  • Another consideration is the style. You should pick a shower chair that has a back and handle that will make it more comfortable and easier to transport. The old person can also hold onto the handle to support his weight while standing up or sitting down. You can also choose a cushioned chair for added comfort.
  • It is also important to choose the right material for this type of chair. Since shower chairs will be exposed to water constantly, you have to choose something that can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. You can choose a shower chair for elderly made of vinyl or teakwood that is commonly used for making furniture that are always exposed to moisture.
  • Do not buy a shower chair that is too big for your shower room or space. Most shower areas have very limited space, especially if you live in an urban home like apartment or condominium. You should pick the right sized shower chair that will fit snugly inside the shower area and through the shower door.
  • Aesthetics is also an important factor to consider when choosing a shower chair. Since you are already spending money to buy a shower chair, why not choose something that looks attractive in your shower room? Choose the right color and style based on your bathroom’s color motif and theme. If you have a rustic bathroom, you should choose a shower chair made of wood instead of plastic or steel.
  • The price is also an important consideration. Prices of shower chairs vary according to material, difficulty of design, and brand, to name a few. Pick something that meets your needs and budget.

It is important to pick the right shower chairs for elderly that will keep the old people safe and comfortable while taking a shower.

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