6 Free Bathroom Floor Plans & Layouts

Bathroom Floor Plans

Every room in the house should be designed according to your liking. When selecting the best bathroom floor layouts, you should consider the size available in your already built home. Remodeling a bathroom should be carefully planed out with your budget in mind.

Bathrooms can be categorized into different layouts depending with their use and function. For example, the kids bathroom can not be planned the same as the guest or the master bathroom. Lets look at the questions you should ask yourself when planning a new bathroom.

6 Typical Bathroom Floor Plans

1. Small Bathroom Plan With Sink

Typically known as powder room, this suitable for guest room. Its only equipped with a small sink, a bathroom mirror and a toilet. These layouts are perfect for quick stops to the bathroom. A shower and storage space is not included.

small bathroom with sink

small bathroom

2. A Separate Shower Room

This is suitable for a large family. This separate bathroom ensures that it is available if the toilet is heavily engaged. This functions well if for example you have a party and there high traffic to the toilet.


A separate shower

3. Bathroom with Shower Combo Layout

This is the typical layout plan for most homes. The bathroom comes equipped with a sink, a mirror, a bathtub and a toilet. A narrow vanity for storage fits in this plan perfectly.

Bathroom with Shower Combo layout

shower and bathroom rectangular layout

4. Master Bathroom Layout

The master bathroom is perhaps one of the most relaxing lace in the whole house. Depending on your budget you can include a bathtub, a toilet and a sink. If your not limited in space, you can include a double vanity for more storage space.

Master Bathroom Layout

master bathroom layout ideas

bathroom layout design

5. Adjoining Bathroom Floor Plan

This layout is great for a large family where privacy is important.

Adjoining Bathroom Layout

6. Bathroom With Laundry Facilities Floor Plan

If you have a small apartment, this layout might be for you. It’s suitable for a maximum of three people in the house.

Bathroom With Laundry Facilities Floor Plan


Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Bathroom Layout

If you answer these questions correctly then you are on the right track to having a bathroom layout that suits you.

Who will use the bathroom?

Not every family is blessed to own multiple bathrooms in the same home. Most middle income families share a bathroom with their kids and the guest. A washer, though not recommended can also be placed inside the bathroom.

If your fortunate enough to own multiple bathrooms, then you can have different designs and layouts for each one of them. The kids bathroom is most likely to have decorations associated with kids. The guest bathroom on the other hand is likely to be smaller compared to the master bedroom.

What other functions will be performed in the bathroom?

What activities will be done in the various parts of the room? for example, will there be an elderly person who requires assistance? Do you need a makeup vanity in the bathroom? Do you need the bathing area to be in a separate room with the toilet for privacy? Will the bathroom be used for laundry activities.

What kind of storage will you need?

You should a designated place for storage of the linen, towels, tissue, soap and other bathroom necessities. You should consider the various types of bathroom storage available including a bathroom vanity, a linen cabinet, an over the toilet storage etc.

What kind of lighting is needed?

The lighting needed is entirely up to the family members. It’s a good idea to consult them before selecting bathroom light fixtures.

What kind of bathtub do you want?

Bathtub’s come in different types and shapes. The most popular ones accommodate a single person. For the Master bathroom, you could consider a bathtub that accommodates two people for you and your loved one.

Do you need a bidet?

A bidet is not something that has been totally embraced in the American tradition. Most Muslims will be comfortable with using bidet but not the Christians. Plan ahead and always include a toilet paper in your bathroom for those who are not comfortable with bidets.

One thing is certain, there is no magic formula to selecting the perfect layout for your bathroom. Every home has a different design and so will the floor plan.

General design guidelines:

1. Electrical Appliances

The bathroom is a high risk location when it comes to electrical installation. We advise you to consult a certified electrician. The main bodies authorized for certification are NICEIC or ELECSA. Plan for Basic installations such as bathroom heaters, bathroom lights, electrical showers, and other luxuries such as Whirlpool tub and televisions.

2. Floor surfaces

Select a bathroom floor type that is not slippery to avoid injuries. One of the main ways to avoid falling in the bathroom is by using bath mat or a bath rug. Regularly cleaning the floor is another way of preventing accidents.

Their are plenty of options when choosing a type of floor. The most popular ones include, ceramic tile, rubber floor mats, teak flooring, natural stone, vinyl and concrete.

3. Bathroom Ventilation

The bathroom is a humid and wet place. Mold thrives in such places. To avoid mold, use recommended cleaners at least once a week. when designing a bathroom, consider including a window bathroom. If its not possible to include one, then the best option is to include a ventilation system.

Modern bathroom ventilations systems are installed in the ceiling. The system suck out all the air to the outside environment.

4. Multi-storey Building Planning

If your planning on installing a bathroom on different levels of the building, consider locating them one above the other. By doing so, the cost of plumbing is significantly lowered.

5. The Ideal layout

The best place to locate a bathroom is where there is natural light as well as ventilation. This might not be feasible in the urban community but works great in open areas.

Bathroom Layout Costs

Ultimately, everything works around your budget. the more material you want to include, the higher the price. If remodeling a bathroom, moving around your plumbing system will increase the cost. The more sophisticated your products, the higher your budget will be.

Putting all your bathroom fixtures and plumbing on one wall will lower your budget significantly. You can also avoid re-routing the electrical lines.

Looking for Design Inspiration?

After selecting the desired bathroom layout, the next step is to look for inspiration on how to design your bathroom. Since bathrooms need to be remodeled every 4-7 years, its always a great idea to look at the latest trends while keeping inline with your budget.

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