Top 10 Bathroom Furniture Products

Bathroom furniture

Furniture provides storage for your bathroom products and personal effects. They make the space less messy and more functional. Like the rest of the rooms in your home, the choice of furniture reflects your taste and personality. There is great importance in determining which furniture to incorporate in designing your bathroom. They should serve their purpose rather than just take up space. Here are top ten bathroom furniture products that you should consider:

1. Bathroom Vanity. Vanities include single or double sink bowls and some space on the sides like a counter top for your personal effects. Some vanities include a chair or stool and mirror to give them a complete look. These are called as console vanities. Most of the time, bathroom vanities have storage and chest drawers for linens, cosmetics, medicines, supplies, and appliances. There is also a type of vanity furniture for the handicapped. This type of vanity is designed to have a low height and free space below the sink for those on wheelchairs. It is important to buy the type of vanity that suits your needs and brings beauty to your bathroom. After all, it is not called a vanity for no reason. There are a lot of kinds of vanity in the market. You have a wide selection of classic, antique, traditional, modern, high tech, contemporary, and country styles. You can even have your vanity custom-built by a contractor. Bathroom vanity furniture comes in a variety of materials to suit your preference and budget. You can choose from ceramic, porcelain-glazed, fiberglass, glass-tempered, brass, chrome, stainless steel, stone, wicker, pine, cherry, cane, bamboo, wood-oak, wood laminate, and for the elite even gold. Choose the material that is more appealing to you and creates the right kind of texture for your taste. They can come in matte or glossy finish.

2. Medicine Cabinet. Next to a vanity, the medicine cabinet is the most common furniture in a bathroom. Of course, it stores your medicines. But it also usually contains your toothbrush, floss thread, tube of toothpaste, contact lens solution, razor, and other hygienic things most commonly dental/oral products. They can come in different types. The recessed type of medicine cabinet is sunk to the wall for convenience and aesthetic purposes. Another kind is a semi-recessed, which is like a recessed cabinet extends out a little bit past the drywall to accommodate more things. Surface medicine cabinet is probably the most inexpensive type because of its easy installation (there is no need to cut into the wall). Some of these medicine cabinets come with a mirror on the surface.

3. Hanging/Wall Mounted Cabinetry. Hanging cabinets on the wall is a great way to use the extra space and save some floor space for other necessary bathroom fixtures. Its elevation from the floor makes it an ideal for towel storages and linens.

4. Floor-to-Ceiling Linen Cabinets. Tall furniture products like these provide more storage for your linens, bathroom towel storages and other sheets. You can also pop in a television, turntable, or stereo and transform it into your mini bathroom entertainment station.

5. Corner Glass Shelves. They come in different sizes, shapes, and thickness. They look very elegant and make your bathroom exudes sophistication.

6. Built-in Cabinetry. They have a sleek look and are usually more expensive because they have to be custom-made.

7. Wooden Shelves. They are a popular choice because they look classy and chic. They are great for storing small items in your bathroom.

8. Towel Racks. You usually hang your bathroom storages and washcloth on them rather than constantly folding these back on the cabinets or shelves.

9. Open-Type Shelves. These shelves are ideal for storing grooming products such as soaps, shampoo, shaving cream, bath salts, etc. You can also accentuate your bathroom by decorating your open shelves with scented candles.

10. Wicker Shelves. They are inexpensive alternative for wooden and glass shelves. They also come in various colors.

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