9 Perfect Bathroom Ideas For Your Guests

Bathroom For Your Guests

When inviting guests to stay for extended periods it is imperative to have a properly finished guest room to make their stay as comfortable as possible. The room should give them the rest they need along with the same sense of comfort they would feel in their own homes.


Ensure Guests Will Get the Privacy They Need

When staying at your home, your guest is entitled to feeling comfortable and unbothered. Although they will be sharing your space, they will still need a bit of privacy to feel at ease. Provide a room that will be close enough to keep in contact and within close reach to resources such as food or entertainment, but still far or separate enough that your activities or other guests will not disturb them.

Offer a Space That Feels Similar to Home

Give guests the room they need to move around while also ensuring they never feel without the same resources they would have in their own home. One of the most important parts of a guest room is a designated bathroom. Make sure the bathroom has extra toilet paper so guests won’t have to search around the home. Provide a vanity for getting ready and additional toiletries in case they have forgotten their own.

Keep the Area Quiet

Just like a young adult moving into their first apartment, your guest will want a space that will provide peace and quiet. Good hospitality includes providing a room that will be far from loud noises or constant conversation. The guest room should be a fair distance from a garage, kitchen, living room or laundry room, if possible.

Decorate with Neutral Colors

When expecting more than one guest to use the room, make sure you have chosen gender-neutral colors. Even if you only expect one guest, keeping the colors neutral will prevent the need to change linens or redecorate with every new guest. Your 20-something nephew may not necessarily feel comfortable sleeping in a bedazzled lavender and hot pink space, so avoid color extremes. opt for earth tones, grays or other unisex colors such as red, yellow or green.

The tips you follow to complete your guest room will depend upon your specific resources and the guests you plan to keep. No matter what space you can provide, keep guests’ needs as a top priority when preparing for their arrival.

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