14 Gorgeous Bathroom Paint Colors

bathroom paint colors

Bathroom is one of the smallest places in our house, but in all actuality it is one of the most important part of our home. We all spend hours a day in the bathroom and that’s why this place also deserves a splendid look so that every time you will feel fresh and relax here.

One of the best thing to give your bathroom a new refreshing look is to give it a new fresh coat of paint. So here is the list of few cool and trendy paint colors those will help you to make you feel clean and relax every time you will visit in to your bathroom.

1. Dusky Pink Décor:

Yes guys, Dusky pink is a new trend for this year to color your bathroom to give you a calm and peaceful ambience. Picking a dusky pink for your bathroom will work beautifully all year round to make you feel relax and calm in your own time.

2. Soft Taupe Colored Walls:

If you want to give your bathroom a natural feel then soft taupe is meant for you. Pairing it up with designer bathroom accessories can transform your old boring bathroom into a new modern luxurious bathroom.

3. Mint Green With Bright Accessories:

Giving a mint green color to your bathroom is a great idea to refresh yourself every morning. This color gives you a refreshing feeling which helps you to boost your positive energy every time. So, if you wanna give yourself a refreshing feel every time you visit your bathroom, then go for the mint green this time.


4. Watery Blue With Brown Combination:

Give a dip into a watery blue bathroom with this color. This reminds you of clear water oceans and rivers which makes you to feel the waves of the water while having a bath. So feel the splashes of water with this watery blue color.

5. Charcoal And White Walls:

Get your bathroom a modern elegance look with this charcoal paint color. However it may sound strange to paint your bathroom with such dark color, but believe me pairing it up with white accessories or tiles is all enough to give a wonderful view to your bathroom.

6. Cool Gray With Creamy Texture:

Gray is a timeless color which never goes out of fashion. It is a color which gives a cool, sophisticated and a balanced look. So, picking a cool gray shade is also a great option to make you feel cool and calm in your bathroom.


7. Bright Clean White Walls:

Here is another classic color for bathroom is clean white. If you want to give your place all-time brighten up look, then this clean white color is meant for you. Add good lightnings and bright accessories and you are done to give your bathroom a new splendid look.

8. Soothing Beige With Cream Tiles:

Painting your bathroom with beige color is a great way to soothe yourself. This color gives you a very calming and soothing aura which helps you to feel relax and cozy. Teaming up beige with cream tiles or color will be a cherry on top.

9. Mix Soft Blue With White:

Here is another shade of blue giving your bathroom a fresh appeal. Taking a bath in a soft blue colored bathroom makes you feel like floating in the ocean. So, if you want to please your mood at the end of the tiring day at work, go for this soft blue color and I am sure you’ll not regret.

10. Soft Yellow With Minimal Accessories:

Yellow a color meant to add a cheerful atmosphere to your bathroom. A sophisticated and a rich feel of yellow can brighten up your day with its sunny feel. So, color your bathroom walls with soft yellow this time and let the color burst the sunshine into your place.

Wall Painting Ideas

Thinking of some cheap but fabulous wall painting ideas? Well, wall painting is a very innovative way to make your house look gorgeous. Wallpapers have become backdated, wall painting is the new in-thing. It is cheap and also easy to change as compared to wallpapers. We shall discuss some wall painting ideas that will light up your room.

It is very important to remember the rules of paint when you decide to try out wall painting. Though you can paint over your walls if you get bored of the same paint, never use latex-based paint over enamel based paint. This is because it will not adhere to a wall. If you do want to use latex paint over enamel based paint, make sure that you apply a primer first. You will get the steps that you need to follow on the label of the primer itself.

The next wall painting idea is that you need to picture what color of the wall you want in your house. If you for instance want a house that has a dramatic side to it, opt for contrasting colors.

If however, you are the kind of person who prefers subtlety, then go for tones that are unique or slightly different from the original base coats. You can view a sample of the kind of color your wall will be from the paint colors company. This helps a lot in making the desired choice.

Protect the edges of walls, ceilings, vents and cabinets, and all other areas where you do not want the paint to accumulate, especially if they are near your wall. It is better to use painter’s tape for the purpose.

This ensures that the sides are protected and at the same time, unlike normal tape, painter’s tape does not leave any form of residue on the sides. Appearances are important so make sure you take proper preparatory steps so that the paint job does not look sloppy.

These are some of the wall painting ideas. These rules should be followed while doing any wall painting and with a little imagination, your wall can become beautiful evidence of your creativity. These wall painting ideas will surely light up your house.

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