Bathroom Sinks Explored

Bathroom Sinks Explored

Modern day bathroom sinks supply the restroom remodeler with an extensive line of basins in a variety of designs, components as well as colors and are built to endure the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day bath schedule. Sink fashion has truly flourished within the last few couple of years, because of this you should arrange a couple of visits to a showroom or home improvement store as part of your design preparation schedule in order to go sink shopping.

On your fixture journey, you’ll encounter circular basins, oblong sinks, rectangular sinks as well as ‘bowls” which sit neatly on the surface of your vanity countertop. With so much going on in this new design renaissance, color styles are readily available; nevertheless, white continues to be the primary personal color choice of home based remodelers. Another interesting factor is despite having this endless celebration of forms and sizes, almost all washroom sinks belong to one of a handful of basin categories.

Basin Categories Examined

Wall mounted sinks are fastened to the wall on a stable bracket, which in turn is secured to the wall studs or blocking frame between them. These modern fixtures feature a basin that is hung from the wall at a desired, functional height. The sometimes debated feature about wall-mounted sinks is the fact that they leave the plumbing partially exposed.

While this feature makes wall mounted lavatory sinks easier to maintain and repair, some homeowners feel it may not suit spaces such as half baths because they want a more streamlined inconspicuous design. Consequently that would more or less depend upon the styling you are trying to create.

And for those who don’t like exposed plumbing, some wall mounted bathroom sinks feature chrome or brass legs. Just for the record, the legs don’t really hide the plumbing, nonetheless they do offer a bit of visual distraction to partially camouflage the pipes and add character to the sink.

What cannot be disputed however is that wall mounted sinks are the basins of choice for universal bathroom design. What makes these sinks so popular is that you can readily adjust the height of the basin to accommodate an individual sitting in a wheel chair. The clear space underneath the sink allows easy access, up close and personal so anyone sitting in a wheelchair can effortlessly wash their hands or face without having to get up.

Thinking About Space

Conversely, the caveat about wall mounted sinks is that they really don’t provide the much needed counter space in some busy grooming spaces, thankfully you can somewhat make up for that deficiency even in a half bath by installing slim line shelving close to the sink to increase storage capacity. Another solution would be to mount towel bars on the front or side of your wall mounted fixtures to increase functionality and the best part is that this can all be done without taking up unnecessary wall space.

And who can forget the increasingly popular pedestal sink. Pedestal bath sinks, like wall-mounted models, also get their stability from a bracket attached to the frame of your bath wall. Pedestal basins feature a lavatory fixture that is situated at a comfortable standing height and rests at ease on an astute pedestal base.

While a wall mounted bathroom sink and a pedestal sink share similar space saving qualities, the main difference between the two sink designs is that the pedestal sink rests on an erect column base while the wall mounted unit is well, wall mounted without a base. Beneath the pedestal sink, lies a column or pedestal, as it is so aptly named, that partially cloaks the plumbing from the front and also duplicates as an element of the inclusive sink design.

Styles and Materials

Pedestal hand basins are produced in both old-fashioned and modern day styles and in some cases can also be used for universal lavatory design due to their ease of installation. Some pedestal sink styles have a widespread surrounding rim, which kind of addresses the otherwise absent counter space. If you do have the room however, side by side double pedestal sinks are ideal for multi-user bathing facilities, add a cart for accessories and you can make up for a lack of counter space.

Integral lavatory sinks are carved out of the same material as the countertop so the counter and sink appear to be one unit. Because there is no visible line between the fixture and countertop, cleaning and maintenance is quick and easy. Installation of these integral powder room sinks is also a snap; all you have to do to mount the basin is secure the countertop to the vanity structure. The only down side to this type of fitting is depending upon the size and material of the counter, you will probably need more than one person to install the unit because of its mass.

The traditional countertop sink comes in an assortment of different deviations depending upon how the unit will eventually be mounted. The so called self-rimming or otherwise known as drop-in sinks feature a wide lip that holds up the bowl on the counter. The thing that makes these models so popular is the fact that self-rimming sinks have rolled finished edges that can be placed directly over the countertop openings so all you have to do is gently drop in the bowl.

Easy to Install

Essentially, the washbasin fits down through a hole cut in the surface of the countertop. These traditional countertop washroom sinks are practically drop and play. Newbie home renovators love these fixtures mainly due to the fact that they are so easy to install since the hole doesn’t have to be cut precisely to match the outline of your new basin. Small deviations from the outline of this washbowl will inconspicuously be covered by the rim so all anyone will notice is a beautifully mounted wash basin.

What was old is new again is true statement when we look at the history of bathroom vessel sinks. Modern vessel sinks are the latest trending innovation in sink design that brings back the nostalgia when basins filled with water were put on the kitchen table to wash your hands and face. These fixtures look like large bowls resting on the counter but most often are sunken slightly into a countertop recessed.

Basin Technology

These classical sculptures can be installed to rest above your grooming countertop, or in some cases these vessel basins can be installed with a wall-mount bracket if you want to get creative. As if these fixtures weren’t interesting enough, several translucent models can be illuminated form beneath to add a soft mystical glow to your whole bathroom setting. One of a kind vessel bowls can be hand blown and look like handmade sculptured pottery that only you have in your home.

Another interesting variation of your typical bath sink is the under-mount sink unit. Under-mount bowls are attached to your counter with clasps beneath the edge of the cut-out. This renders the side of the cut-out wide-open, consequently under-counter mount models are generally found in solid surface or stone countertops.


When removing and installing a new basin, flush mounted models should be left for the seasoned bathroom renovator. Because this type of fixture sits slightly above the countertop on a plane flush with the countertop material, this requires precise application and may be a too difficult an installation for the first time remodeler also another drawback to this particular type of fitting is the ensuing gap that is inevitable between the bowl and counter can prove to be somewhat difficult to keep clean over time.

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