The 7 Best Bamboo Bath Mat for Bathrooms

Bamboo Bath Mat


Why Use Bamboo Shower Mat?

Of all the woods that can withstand constant wetness, the bamboo is probably the best of them all. The bamboo bath mat is great for bathrooms because it can fit with nearly any motif. It can be tailored to the desired thickness, in order to accentuate the bathroom floorings. The bamboo bath mat can be perfect for almost all designs of bathroom floorings.

The bamboo wood is known for its superb flexibility. It can withstand strong winds and rain and are most often found abundantly on tropical areas, but you can now bring that type of mat into your home.

Old bamboo woods are ideal for construction and art materials; among them is the bamboo bath mat that looks great in any bathroom. In tropical areas, the bathrooms are entirely made up of huge stems of old bamboos. It’s the perfect wood for this kind of room because of its capacity to withstand the wetness.

In the ultra modern living in the city, the bamboo mat can a symbol of having a rural life right within the comforts of an urban house. It can serve as a relaxing symbol for the man living under the stress of the modern life.
With almost all things that can be seen within the urban area are made up of steel and cement, the bamboo floor mat can provide a sweet escape for these settings. The bamboo mat reminds us of the luscious tropical rain forest where nature provides all her benefits and aesthetic intricate design.


With utmost simplicity, bamboo floor mats can be a breath of fresh air amidst the bricks and stones in the urban life. Stepping on it can be regarded as a blessing because you have utilized one of nature’s gifts.
Even more enticing is the multitude of designs that can be created out of the bamboo wood. Consider yourself as a royalty from an exotic community deep within some Asian tribes through the bamboo mats on your bathroom floor. Cloth mats and rugs can be quite attractive and appealing but the bamboo floor mat provides the ambience of a quality spa right on your bathroom.

Cloths mats easily wear and tear and therefore are subject for replacement every now and then. The bamboo mats on your bathroom floor (or other bamboo floor mats that can blend into other rooms of your home) can stay there for longer periods of time given the proper way to clean it to maintain its fresh new look. Cloth mats can be quite expensive in the long run due to its inability to withstand the wetness brought about by wet feet and drips.
If you are still designing a newly-furnished bathroom, consider placing a bamboo bath mat on the floor. It gives a feeling of having a spa on the bathroom and can provide a sense of relaxation while relaxing in a shower or tub of warm water with soft bubbles. To date, almost every spa uses bamboos as their decorations to enhance the feeling of being at harmony and peace with nature.


Bamboo Floor Mat

Bamboo Floor Mats have been a traditional and integral part of floor coverings in the Far East for many centuries. Indeed, they add a touch of organic and practical elegance to any space inside and outside of a home. An Anji Mountain Bamboo Floor Mat is one of the strongest, hardest and longest lasting in the world, and eco-friendly, too. They may also come with non-slip backing cushions that will keep your mat from slipping around on a smooth surface.

A Bamboo Floor Mat will work well in any room in the house, and match up with just about any chosen home decor. Whether you are looking to bring character and elegance to your entire home, or just remodel your favorite room, a Bamboo Floor Mat might be just the thing you have been looking for. They are far cheaper than most standard floor coverings, which will make them even more inviting during these hard economic times.

Distinctively devised and designed to complement almost any style of both indoor and outdoor living, these beautiful and extremely durable mats will enhance any room setting with an elegant touch of Eastern style that will last for many years. Modern and upbeat, bamboo floor mats offer a stunning transition, both in elegance and contemporary design. They wear extraordinarily well, and are very comfortable and smooth under your feet.

Bamboo Floor Mats are lightweight, have a very clean look to them when taken care of, and feel wonderful to walk on, lay on, or even sleep on. As a plus, the bamboo itself is very easy to clean and maintain. Besides easy maintenance, they are available in an extremely wide variety of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes to meet your specific decorating needs.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Some species of Bamboo grow up to 3 feet a day! They absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide, and are known to release 35% more oxygen into the air than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees. Also, virtually every part of the bamboo plant can be used to make a wide variety of products that range from soil-enriching mulch to incredibly gorgeous furniture. Bamboo fibers are stronger than wood fibers and are much less likely to warp from atmospheric conditions.

Bamboo plays an important role in the reduction of timber consumption, environmental de-forestation and forest protection due to its amazingly rapid growth. Bamboo growers farming the same square footage as timber growers produce far more viable product with much less recovery time. Poverty alleviation and sustainable development of rural economies is also a benefit of the rapid growth and recovery of farmed Bamboo.

Every winter, Bamboo plants in China’s Anji region are exposed to a two month annual freeze that reduces the flow of sap through the veins of the stalks, resulting in a temporary slowing of the growth rate. This promotes a dense, durable bamboo with a tensile strength greater than steel. Naturally “hardened” Bamboo such as this is excellent for everything from Chopsticks to exquisitely crafted furniture.

When mature, Bamboo goes through a process where it is kiln-dried and carbonized. This “cures” the Bamboo so as to remove excess moisture that can cause cracks and splintering, and ensuring years of durability and reliable use. A Bamboo Floor Mat will be hand sanded, ensuring the smoothest finish possible, and the polypropylene corners and edges are micro-stitched and bound with mitered corners for optimal strength. Finally, the fact that Bamboo is actually a grass, as opposed to a tree, gives its finished products an appearance that is uniquely its own.

Why Bamboo?

For a price that is easy on your pocket, you get beautiful, durable, long lasting comfort and elegance in your home, both inside and out. Easy cleaning and maintenance, size and color variety, low cost, lightweight, and eco-friendly are just a few advantages of using Bamboo over woods or commercial fibers. Bamboo can easily be used to complement your existing carpet, tile, or hardwood floors in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.

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