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Mankind is the greatest creation of the All-Mighty and the works of mankind to improve and make their lives better has always been a treat to mankind itself. People keep gaining knowledge about things around them and, by developing technology, it keeps coming up with fascinating ideas.

Making these ideas a reality becomes an in-built task for humans. A bidet is yet another marvelous creation of mankind. Before knowing why should we use a bidet lets learn a little about this gadget.

About Bidet

A simple and catchy definition for this gadget will be- its a device that helps us wash our inner genitals, buttocks after we use the toilet. It can be considered a toilet’s companion and is installed close to the main toilet. However, advances in technology have made it possible to avoid extra hardware in your bathrooms.

New updated versions of bidets include the gadget being pre-installed in the toilet itself to avoid the use of extra space in the bathrooms. Technology proves to be a boon, isn’t it?

The Manufacturers

Bidet is mostly famous in western world countries like U.S, Europe, etc, and Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea, etc. These countries must have felt the need for extra hygiene and hence came up with this amazing piece of work to make the peoples’ lives better.

Mr.Bidet of the U.S was the first person to sell a bidet in 1964. Followed by that, the TOTO company of Japan sold bidets in 1980 in Japan itself and later in the U.S. Since then, a lot of manufacturers have come up with manufacturing bidet toilet seats.

Some names include- Cascade, Bio Bidet, Brondell, Novita. The mentioned companies provide you with electronic bidet seat bands. Luxe Bidet is another manufacturer that offers non-electric bidet seat bands. You might want to consider this feature when you are about to purchase one.

Bidet Properties

Here comes the exciting part of the article which you might have been waiting for! This section will hopefully provide you with some clarity on why should you buy a bidet for your household. Hopefully, you will be convinced after reading further.

Without further adieu here are some general features of bidets that you should know:

Heated seats: Warm seats are a welcome place for the bum. Anybody would love placing their bums over a warm seat than over a cold piece of porcelain.

Varying water temperatures: Bidets come with an excellent feature of moderating water temperatures as per the user’s convenience. This means no more icy cold water in your bum while cleaning it (until and unless you enjoy cold water of course!)

Controller/ Remote: Electronic bidets come with a remote which allows you to set the water pressure, temperature, etc. as per your convenience.

Pressure adjusting: Concerning the point mentioned above, bidets come with a feature of adjusting the water pressure. This enables us to make necessary changes in the pressure to clean deeper areas of the genitals. This is directly proportional to better hygiene of one’s genitals.

Energy consumption: To all the readers, I bet the concern of energy consumption must be roaming around your minds. Well to bring to your notice, most bidets come with power-saving features to reduce your bills.

Self- cleaning nozzles: Bidets have a self-cleaning nozzle that cleans the bidet after every use. This ensures that the gadget is safe and clean to be used by the next user. ( an extra advantage for the hygiene freaks out there)

Adjustable nozzles: this feature makes the utilization of the product much easier. Adjustable nozzles help in better and efficient cleaning. Moreover, this makes the product more user-friendly.

Air dryers: Another star element of the product is the air- dryers which makes the entire experience much better. After washing off with the suitable tempered water, blow-drying the external and interior sections of your genital with a self-regulated air-dryer is another kind of pleasure. However, this feature might be available in selected bidet products only.


You might be surprised to know the benefits of this product. If the features didn’t convince you yet, the benefits definitely would! The question raised by this article- “Why should you buy a bidet” is henceforth answered in this section. You don’t want to skip this section if you have come so far.

This is legitimately the best replacement for Toilet papers. Statistics tell that America alone uses 34 million toilet paper rolls on an average. This huge amount includes cutting down of over 54 million trees and along with that utilization of a humongous amount of water. It has been proved that the use of bidets reduces 75% use of toilet papers and henceforth reducing deforestation and a huge amount of water. It may be right to say that it is environment-friendly.

Bidets turn out to be of great use for people with health issues like hemorrhoids, Crohn’s disease, and other bowel problems. Such problems make it difficult to use toilet paper for cleaning the genitals. Therefore, bidets make cleaning a much easier process for them with the remote feature in it and the adjustable nozzles, etc.

Addressing issues of mensuration and pregnancy is also a must in its benefits. Mesurational flow contains not only blood but vaginal mucus and other endometrial particles as well, which when comes in contact with bacteria leads to the production of foul odor and also may lead to infections in the vaginal area. Bidets help clean the entire genitalia and hence avoid any infections in that area. As for pregnant women, it gets a little difficult to keep their private parts clean during later stages of pregnancy. In such cases, this product acts to the advantage of these women. Not only that, it further facilitates maintaining hygiene post-delivery as well.

Bidets prove to be of great service to aged people and people with mobility issues. The problem of depending on a care-taker or somebody else to use the bathroom to clean themselves can thus be solved with the installation of this godsend invention.

Moreover, mothers can be care-free about their child’s hygiene with bidets as cleaning with bidets ensures a total cleanup of your child’s private parts.

Being a power-saving gadget gives this invention all the more advantage to be installed in your bathrooms. You don’t need to worry about expensive electricity bills at all!

Not only that, but variations in the product itself to cater to people’s issues of space consumption in bathrooms, etc. have made this product irresistible for people to not buy!

The properties of the product itself speak about the advantage it has over other methods of genital hygiene. If you invest a little sum today, you can be assured of a better future tomorrow with this environment-friendly product!


Every coin has two sides and therefore, bidets too have some drawbacks if you have to consider. At this point, it is mandatory to tell you that we must present details the way they are, and it’s up to you to decide on what you would want to do at the end. It is not our intention to form biases for a product. Being said this,

let us have a look at the disadvantages of the product.

It occupies bathroom space and adds to the list of things to be cleaned on a timely basis. Moreover, mini accidents and faults may take place which would call for renovations and repairs. And it may also wet your clothes while spraying water.


Bidets are a new generation gadget to add to the list of luxuries of the human lifestyle. It comes across as a helpful tool at many levels for the users. Being energy saving, reducing the use of toilet paper, and therefore indirectly, saving gallons of water used in the production of the same, attracts a lot of customers toward itself. It is considered that bidets use just one-eighth of a gallon of water! That sounds great compared to an average toilet using four gallons of water. That is a lot of water being saved at once!

If the problems of renovation, repairs, space-usage is not a priority for the customer, then, one can give a green signal to this product. checkout the Best Bidet Toilet Seats here.

Why should you buy a bidet may lead to questions of its price because such high technology commodity by default is assumed to have higher prices.

However, with a string of companies manufacturing bidets, you always have the option of choosing the one which will cater to your budget and requirements. The fact that the more technologically advanced bidet will cost more cannot be ignored in this matter. And to a certain point, most of us can agree to the prices being justified considering the number of equipment and amount of resources required to assemble the product. Nevertheless, the issue of money can be resolved with the various offers, discounts, EMI options provided by the companies.

Hence, bidets can be availed for a better and healthier lifestyle.

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