The 10 Best Foot and Calf Massagers of 2021

Calf Massager, best massager for calves

If you’re serious about getting a foot and calf massage daily, then consider getting a calf massager for home use. Here’s the brutal truth about getting a calf massage in a spa:

It’s expensive.

Foot and leg massagers work on the feet, calves, and ankles. These work perfectly while sitting down on a chair. You can also check out the best foot massagers that don’t have the calf massage feature.

Let’s dive in and have a look at some of the best foot massager reviews. if you’re looking for leg massagers, then these leg compression machines are the best.

Calf Massager: Our Top Picks

1. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

⭐ Best Overall

Elongated Toilet
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Do you have a foot condition that forces you to make countless trips to a spa? The cloud Massage has introduced an incredible massager that may save you the hustle.


An adjustable bar: The bar enables you to set the foot massager to your preferred angle for comfortability. This will knead your legs intensively soothing them and relieving the body’s stress.

Multiple settings: The shiatsu massager features various settings that make it a dual massager. For instance, the heat setting facilitates adequate blood circulation throughout your legs. It also has a vibration and pressure setting that allows overall relief to the toes, calves and other parts of the legs.

Flexibility: The massager has deflated pressure calves (5-inch-wide calf and 11-inch toes) spacious for most foot sizes (both males and females.)


  • The device is perfect for domestic and commercial use.
  • During operation, the massager is more silent than other designs.
  • Diabetic patients can also use it.


  • New users may experience some soreness after using it on high settings.

2. Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager

⭐ Best Foot and Calf massager

foot and calf massager
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Tutors, doctors, farmers, and engineers, among other professions, spend a better part of their day standing.

If you are wondering how to rejuvenate your leg muscles, you can acquire a reflexology massager from Human Touch designers for natural healing.


Figure-eight technology: This technology allows improved blood circulation from the feet to the heart. With this, refreshing nutrients enter your feet and calves, enhancing relief and comfort.

Intensity setting: Human Touch reprogrammed the stress-relieving machine with two pressure settings for the perfect massage. With this, the user can adjust the intensity to suit their needs. Also, reflex5 is fitted with under-foot rollers that rejuvenate your heel and sore.

Adjustable base: The reflexology massager is fitted with a tilting base that allows the user to set it to a perfect angle during use.

Removable sleeves: The powerful massager has removable sleeves cleanable after every use. With this, your personal hygiene is well observed, making it perfect for commercial use.


  • The massager uses patented technology that allows improved circulation throughout the body.
  • It massages the sores and heels.
  • Portable
  • Comes with a base that can be tilted
  • Delivers deeply-penetrating vibrating massage on foot and calf
  • Adjustable two intensity settings.


  • It lacks an adjustable arm for additional comfort

3. Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Relaxation Shiatsu Massager with Heat and Vibration

⭐ Best Human Touch Foot and Calf massager

foot and calf massager
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Improve your blood circulation by acquiring a shiatsu massager that uses patented technology for stress relief. The technology pushes blood back to the heart for improved circulation.


Improved circulation: The powerful massager is engineered with patented technology that forces blood back to the heart, refreshing your entire body. With this, you will heal all your body pains and relieve stress.

Vibrating foot massage: Human touch also installed the rejuvenating machine with a vibration feel that relaxes your stressed feet, healing the body naturally.

Adjustable intensity: The relieving machine has two intensity pressure settings to enable the user to adjust their massage pressure according to their needs. Moreover, it is fitted with under-foot rollers to relax your foot sole and heel.

Tilt base: The shiatsu relaxer features a movable base that allows the user to choose their perfect massage angle from two options. This provides you with the desired comfort as the intensity penetrates your feet deeply, assuring full-body healing.


  • The massager has removable and cleanable sleeves, maintaining body hygiene.
  • Suitable for plus-size individuals.
  • The massager can be adjusted on the base to tilt according to your liking.


  • Beginners may experience some pain when using it under high intensity. This can be resolved by graduating from low intensity after getting used to this massager.

4. Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine with Shiatsu Massage Settings

⭐ Best Portable Calf Massager

Naipo foldable calf massage
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Do you have a foot condition and wondering about the design of the foot massager to purchase for home treatment?

Check out this reflexology massager from Miko. It has a modish design that converts your restroom to a luxurious spa.


Pressure target: Miko designed this massager with a pressure-point accuracy that enables you to place it at an angle depending on your foot needs. With this, you can massage the fatigued areas separately.

Adjustable pressure: The amazing machine has five pressure levels with three operation modes. This means that you can customize the intensity level and soothe the fatigued area like a professional therapist. Therefore, no complaints about receiving a mild massage or soreness around the healed area.

Vibration function: This penetrates the over-stressed muscles deeply, improving blood flow in the affected part and the entire body. Also, it has 40 massage nodes that knead your foot intensely, giving all-around relief.

Heat massage: The stylish relaxer is equipped with a heat therapy function controlled by the rotating arm. This ensures that the insulated heat strikes the ailing muscles directly, soothing them in style.


  • It can heal the fatigued areas separately.
  • The massager rejuvenates your feet physically and mentally.
  • You can clean the removable covers for personal hygiene.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • New users may experience foot sores after using the high-intensity setting.

5. FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation Foot and Calf Massage

⭐ Best Air Compression Calf Massager

air Compression calf massager
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Are you looking for an affordable and long-lasting massager for your family? Fit King has introduced a design that you may check.

It comprises handheld controllers and adjustable intensity settings, making it user-friendly.


Airbags: Each massager’s foot has a 2*2 airbag that presses your leg muscles, improving blood circulation from the calf upwards.

This also relieves leg pain in individuals experiencing leg syndromes and improves their blood circulation throughout the body.

Device control: The great massager comes with adjustable intensities and auto modes enhanced by the power adapter.

This gives you the freedom to select your preferred massage intensity from the three options.It also automatically switches off after 15 minutes of use. With this, you restore your relaxed nature without assumptions.

Size adjustable: Fit King designed the massager with allowances for adjustments, and that’s why it’s perfect for family use.

The calves can be adjusted up to 28.5 inches while you can comfortably change the size and massage intensity of the leg wraps, depending on the user.


  • The air massager is portable.
  • Its control and adjustability properties make it user-friendly.


  • Does not come with a heating option.

6. Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

⭐ Best Human Touch Reflex4

Human Touch Reflex4
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Are you the type that visits the spa regularly for leg massage? Consider buying this reflex-4 massager from Human Touch.

Besides its powerful service, it is affordable and effective for individuals experiencing fibromyalgia, ankle pain, heel pain, and other stressed feet conditions.


Figure-eight technology: The design presses your feet and calves in all directions, forcing the blood back to the heart for improved circulation. This means that shiatsu massager relaxes the entire body, enhancing body health.

Reflexology rollers: The designer fitted stimulating rollers beneath the feet to facilitate the robust relief of your soles and heel. With this, the robotic actuators give a human-like-all-round treatment on your feet, leaving you relaxed and healthy.

Non-skid protectors: These keep the massager intact and silent. With this, you can relax your legs while reading since the operational noise is minimal.

Ergonomic design: Human Touch designed the massager with a tilt for optimum comfort. With this, you can set the machine to your desired angle and relax like a king.

Calf massager space: The powerful relaxer is spacious for individuals of almost all foot sizes. It has a 4.5-inch width and 12-inch height, translating to foot-size 14.


  • Washable sleeves enhance body hygiene.
  • It offers four massage modes for flexibility and comfortability.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The powerful machine does not come with remote control.

7. Human Touch” Reflex-6″ Foot & Calf Heating Massager with Patented Figure-8® Technology and Vibration

⭐ Best Human Touch Reflex6

Human Touch Reflex-6
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If you are looking for home-based massage therapy, the human touch “reflex-6” foot & is the best option. It has a whole dimension of 18 by 20 by 15 inches and compact but substantial weight of about 21 lbs.


This massage machine is a multipurpose system, not only massaging your foot but also offers an extra advantage to your feet, providing you an exceptional relaxing feeling.

Design: The 6′ foot calf and foot massager comes with a design that features a roller on the massager’s plate below offering perfect massage. Every roller play is steadily and speedily and complemented with the harder foot portion and efficiency of the heel offering maximum foot muscle relaxation.

Roller technology: What’s more, human touch “reflex-6” foot & calf massager comes with an upward eight rolling wave that aids in circulation, not to mention its exclusive Figure 8 technology provision that boosts its effectiveness to top-level status.

Control system: Finally, it has a control system on its upper side, allowing easy running and relief of tense and stress.


  • Simple to control
  • Reasonable price
  • Features patented-8 technology
  • Appealing look
  • Durable.


  • Heavy
  • The machine does not include personalization modes.

8. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

⭐ Best Human Touch Reflex4

Shiatsu Foot Massager
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Enjoy your feet massage by purchasing this Shiatsu foot massager from Triducna. Its design, size, intensity, relieving power, and functionality are incredible.


Customizable intensities: The modish massager has three intensity levels that facilitate changing the kneading pressure to suit your needs. New users are advised to use the lower intensity setting until they get used to its service.

Heat function: The machine’s temperature automatically escalates from 104 to 122 degrees within 3 minutes. This hits the fatigued muscles, relieving the pain and enhancing body circulation. However, you can switch off the heat manually or automatically.

Massager design: The reprogrammed machine is installed with various mini-ergometric nodes that relieve your feet and sore through kneading, spinning, shiatsu, and application of air pressure. This leaves your over-stressed muscles relieved and soothed.

Control: The comfy machine operates by touching the sensitive panel. Also, it automatically switches off after 15-30 minutes to improve its lifespan. This makes the massager simple and safe during operation.


  • It offers all-around treatment.
  • The washable foot sleeves enhance cleanliness.


  • The foot area can only fit individuals of up to size 11.

9. Foot Massager Calve Leg Massage

Foot Massager Calve Leg Massage [3 Years Warranty] Airbag Shiatsu Heating Kneading Rolling Vibration Deep Tissue Kneading Massage Relief for Tired Muscles and Plantar Fasciitis (Black)

Is your tight schedule affecting your visits to the spa? Looking for a multifunctional foot and calve massager? Check out this digitalized device from the Adako USA designers. It is also perfect for individuals experiencing plantar fasciitis and over-stressed foot muscles.


Massager’s service: The device is designed to relieve your muscle fatigue like a professional therapist. It scrapes, rolls, and kneads your feet with tactics and expertise, causing addiction. Moreover, the powerful relaxer air-presses and heats your feet robustly, relaxing the muscles, improving metabolism, and improving blood circulation in minutes.

Massage modes: The powerful device is reinforced with three massage modes, each comprising of three intensity levels. This means that you can adjust the massage intensity to your needs.

Special features: Adako designed the contemporary massager with an air pressing massager for your foot ankle. The feature gives you the value of your money by leaving the whole foot relaxed.

Pros Cons
  • Its small-sizes enhances portability.
  • Buyers are assured of a three-year warranty.
  • The massager is perfect for individuals with relatively small-sized feet.

10. Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager Machine with Kneading Rolling Vibration Function for Tired Feet, Legs, Calf(White)

Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massage Machine with Kneading Rolling Vibration Function for Tired Feet, Legs, Calf(White) Are you looking for a foot massager with a robotic service? Try the new shiatsu kneading machine from HmRelax designers.

It’s available in matching colors that rejuvenates your emotions while relieving fatigued muscles.


Multifunction design: The stylish massager has automatic features that facilitate all-around treatment through rolling, kneading, and shiatsu. Also, it has heat and vibration options that enhance the massage, leaving the tired muscles rejuvenated. Regular usage of the machine may beautify your legs. This is because the massager holds the leg magnetically, allowing improved blood circulation in your legs.

Ergonomic design: The shiatsu kneading machine emulates an infrared physical therapy that targets the complex nerve system on the foot calf and sore. This improves your body circulation and metabolism for healthy leaving.

Modes and intensity: The reflexology massager has three modes, each comprising of three pressure intensities. With this, you have the freedom to choose the desired setting, depending on the muscle need.

Control: HmRelax installs the machine with a sensitive touch screen or includes a packaged remote for simple operation. With this, you can enjoy your feet massage by choosing the correct setting.

Pros Cons
  • The foot cover is removable and washable, enhancing your personal hygiene.
  • Its intensity modes allow the user to massage only the sensitive areas.
  • The remote-control functions well while you are within 2 feet.

11. Podiatrist by Medical Breakthrough | Calf & Foot Massager with Heat Therapy | Shiatsu, Kneading & Pushing, Kneading & Rolling

Podiatrist by Medical Breakthrough | Calf & Foot Massager with Heat Therapy | Shiatsu, Kneading & Pushing, Kneading & Rolling, Twist & Air Pressure | Adjustable Angles (Feet Size 5.5 to 12) (Black)

Are you contemplating the best massager to buy for patients experiencing pain in the hip, ankle, back, or calf?

Are you looking for a domestic muscle reliever for home treatment? This podiatrist from Medical breakthrough may be a sure bet.


3D rollers: The under-the-foot rollers knead the sensitive areas robotically, relieving any discomfort on your foot sole and toes. This improves blood circulation in your foot and body.

Tilt angle: It is advisable to sit when massaging your feet for entire body relief. The foot doctors designed the machine with adjustable angles to suit your seating needs. This is because the trigger point focus allows the body to heal from the feet to the core.

Heat and compression therapy: The amazing podiatrist use the heat function to relieve and cuddle your foot pain. This penetrates the targeted points deeply, energizing your entire body.

Comfortable padding: This allows the user to customize the massage strength. Individuals requiring soft massage can reduce machine intensity by inserting the packaged padding.

Pros Cons
  • It offers three intensity levels.
  • It can be used at home and in medical offices.
  • The incredible massager is designed by foot doctors.
  • Well constructed with polished black/grey plastic and a carbon fiber looking finish
  • Offers a soothing workout through every inch of your foot and calf
  • It comes with shiatsu massage, foot reflexology technology, and heat and compression therapy.
  • Fits users with up to size 12 feet only.

12. ZENY Foot Leg Calf Shiatsu Massager Massage Machine Kneading Rolling Healthcare Air Compression Massage Therapy Powerful Roller w/ 3 Settings

ZENY Foot Leg Calf Shiatsu Massager Massage Machine Kneading Rolling Healthcare Air Compression Massage Therapy Powerful Roller w/ 3 Settings

This massager looks like the HmRelax model, but it is much more affordable and offers fewer functions. It comes with only three massage modes, i.e., shiatsu, kneading, and rolling.

As you would expect, the massager does pretty well in the fields of pain relief and muscle relaxation. Like the previous model, you could focus on your calves and feet separately. Just choose one of the three included intensity modes.

ZENY leg massager also has pressure nodes placed under your feet for better stimulation of the sensitive areas.

Despite being so similar to the HmRelax calf massager, this one doesn’t come with remote controls, so you will have to reach for the inbuilt panel every time you need to make some adjustments.

The manufacturer states that the machine may be inconvenient for calves more than 4 inches in diameter. Additionally, the Amazon description says that the model supports 9.5 shoe sizes at most. However, the customer reviews show that people with 11-14 shoe size
should not have any problems with the massager.

Pros Cons
  • The massager delivers pain relief, relaxation, and improved blood circulation.
  • Three massage modes.
  • The machine offers a separate treatment of calves and feet.
  • The massager comes with underfoot pressure nodes.
  • The cover is washable.
  • Has no remote control
  • Its quite Heavy.

13. Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager

Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager

Giantex leg massager comes with five massage modes – shiatsu, kneading, vibration, rolling, and heating. Additionally, it offers three custom modes for feet, three intensity modes for calves,
and three heating levels.

The foot and leg massager ergonomic design paired with 8 feet and four calves massage discs allow for a 360-degree massage. All in all, it will deliver pretty much the same level of pain relief as the previous models we examined.

An interesting feature is the massager’s 15-minute auto-shutoff, which will add some more safety to the device’s use.

Pros Cons
  • 5 massage modes plus 3 heating modes.
  • It is designed with three custom modes for feet and 3 for calves.
  • Ergonomic design combined with eight discs for feet and 4 for calves delivers all-around relief.
  • Automatic 15-minute shutoff.
  • Washable cover.
  • Heats only the front area of the foot.

Cheap alternatives: Manual calf massagers [less than $20]

If you are on a tight budget, then consider the following massagers for blood circulation. They work just like the electric massagers only that you have to manually do all the work.

14. Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick (18.3″)

Top Rated Muscle Roller Massage Stick: A Sports Body Massager Tool-Release Myofascial Trigger Points, Reduce Muscle Soreness, Tightness, Leg Cramps & Back Pain, Rub Muscle for Relief & Recovery

Our bodies are fragile, and at times if we do not adequately take care of them, they become susceptible to injuries-some life-threatening.

Nonetheless, one way to get rid of this problem and maintain a flexible and robust body that can escape common and preventable injuries is to go through with massages.

Top Rated 18.3″ muscle roller stick is a convenient tool that you can use to massage yourself at any particular moment. It belongs to the class of exclusive muscle roller stick brands that boost flexibility, enhances blood circulation, and also help you minimize pain.

For anyone that is in the world of fitness or just in need of therapy, this 18.3-inch Top-rated muscle roller stick is precisely the ideal option for you. It can also be an excellent aid for trainers, doctors, and athletes, among other individuals.

The top-rated muscle roller stick has a compact design and is such a breeze to carry around and move around with and works well to relieve any injuries, pains, or soreness of any particular kind.

The muscle roller stick relieves muscle tension and subsequently stimulates the muscle to allow better circulation of blood enabling enhanced mobility and of course overall body flexibility. You should use it during the pre-exercise period to prevent getting injuries and during post-workout to allow fast recovery.

Features & Specifications

  • Compact Size allowing easy mobility
  • Measurements: 18.3-inches
  • Used during the pre-exercise period to prevent getting injuries
  • Used during the post-workout to enable fast recovery.


  • Compact design
  • Portable

15. Idson Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes-18 Inches

IDSON Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes- Body Massage Sticks Tools-Muscle Roller Massager for Relief Muscle Soreness,Cramping and Tightness,Help Legs and Back Recovery,Black Green

The IDSON roller stick is a small and well-made tool that helps in easing and relieving any muscle soreness in addition to facilitating fast recovery and minimizing pain and stiffness prior to and after exercises, workouts, and training.

With constant use, it allows you to improve your blood circulation, strength while simultaneously minimizing your overall risk of injury.

It features a high design that is made using premium grade robust materials and complemented by polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber handles that give it a sturdy ergonomic grip. Moreover, Idson muscle roller stick for athletes also includes nine independent ABS rollers embedded in a rod core (steel-made).

As aforementioned, it has a compact design with dimensions of 18 by 1.5 inches, not to mention a light weight of about 9 oz. This makes it convenient to carry around and easily packable and portable for various activities. Also, it is also water-resistant and robust and, with its effectiveness, is recommended for numerous roles such as enhancing physical exercise and workout experience while even hastening recovery.

Finally, Idson Muscle calf massager is accompanied by an exclusive 100 % money guarantee wherein case you are not fully satisfied; you are eligible for a full refund courtesy of the manufacturer policy provision and also comes with an amazingly affordable price making it accessible for a wide array of individuals.

Features & Specifications

  • Great design
  • Robust: made using premium grade robust materials
  • Features polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber handles
  • Features nine independent ABS rollers embedded in a rod core (steel-made).
  • Durable and resilient courtesy of its underlying thermoplastic rubber material
  • Dimensions: 18 x 1.5 inches


  • Affordable price
  • Portable
  • 100 % money-back guarantee
  • Great design

16. Elite Massage Muscle Roller Stick for Runners – Fast Muscle Relief from Sore and Tight Leg Muscles and Cramping. Five Bright Colors to Choose from

Elite Massage Muscle Roller Stick for Runners - Fast Muscle Relief from Sore and Tight Leg Muscles and Cramping. Five Bright Colors to Choose from

Enhance your everyday workout experience by purchasing this fantastic massage stick courtesy of Elite Sportz Equipment.

Ideally crafted to suit runners, the Elite Sportz massage roller stick improves the circulation of blood aside from boosting flexibility while also simultaneously minimizing your overall risk of camps.

It comes with comfortable handles that assist you in maintaining a firm grip to have an enjoyable massaging experience.

This roller targets tight and sore muscles, and prevent the development of cramp. This is made possible by the roller’s smooth rolling action implemented by its characteristic 2mm gap, which is between every roller, therefore, preventing them from pulling the hair on your legs.

You can rest assured that you can quickly take this accessory with you anywhere
since it measures just 16 inches long. What’s more, this roller stick is accompanied by a lifetime
warranty in case of defects.

Features & Specifications

  • Targets tight and sore muscles while preventing cramps
  • 2mm gap between rollers to allow a Sturdy, comfortable, and smooth-rolling action
  • Compact and stunning design for convenience
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty


  • Compact and conveniently small
  • Easily portable.
  • Ideal for individuals with lesser muscles
  • Beautiful design.



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  • Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine: Best overall
  • Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager: Best foot and calf massager
  • Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Relaxation Shiatsu Massager: Best human houch hoot and half massager
  • Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine with Shiatsu Massage Settings: Best portable calf massager
  • FIT KING Leg Air Massager for Circulation and Relaxation: Best air compression calf massager
  • Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager: Best Human Touch Reflex4
  • Human Touch” Reflex-6″ Foot & Calf Heating Massager with Patented Figure-8® Technology and Vibration: Best Human Touch Reflex6
  • Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat


Common Causes Of Calf Pain

Usually, when we suffer calf pain, it’s the result of running, or some other physical activity, where the muscle has become stressed or strained. Sometimes the pain comes in the form of a cramp, which can be very uncomfortable indeed.

Cramps often result from dehydration or a deficiency of potassium, but in the case of the calf, prior physical activity is almost always the underlying cause.

The pain can be due to a fast game of tennis, a long run or jog, or simply going up and down a ladder several times, especially when the use of a ladder is a seldom event. Percussion Massagers are great too.

Too Much Blood, Too Little Blood

Calf muscles often become sore when they don’t get enough blood, or in some rare instances, too much. Muscles usually hurt because of a buildup of lactic acid, a normal condition we at times experience when exercising.

When the blood supply to the muscle is out of whack, though, this can be a much more serious problem.

If the calf muscles start to hurt during the normal course of events, say when one is simply walking along, a general deficiency in the supply of blood to the calf muscles may be the problem.

If the heart and arteries are not supplying the calf muscles with the blood they need, calf pain can be the result.

The underlying cause is quite often atherosclerosis, more commonly known as hardening of the arteries. At other times, the calf muscles may be getting too much blood, and calf pain will result from that condition as well.

When too much blood is the issue, it is usually a result of a problem in the veins, where the blood, while circulating, is not being moved away from the calf muscles fast enough, and backs up into the muscle.


An insufficient supply of blood is the far more common of the two and is called claudation, which we experience as cramping, and which is for all practical purposes a heart attack, but in the calf.

Unlike a true heart attack, this condition usually goes away shortly with no damage done, though the pain may be severe for a few minutes. Immediate resting of the calf muscle is the best treatment.

If claudation occurs at rest and occurs frequently, then something more serious is in the works. A condition called thrombophlebitis—an inflammation and clotting in the veins may have developed and is potentially quite serious, as clots can break free from the area of the legs or calf, and travel elsewhere in the body.

Calf Strains

Athletic injuries are fortunately more common than the aforementioned causes of calf pain, though still can hurt. There are three defined levels of a calf strain. A level one strain involves the microscopic tearing of muscle tissue.

Some calf pain or soreness will be experienced at this level, with rest and ice being the prescribed course of treatment.

A level two strain is a more serious tear, much more painful, and often takes a month or two to completely heal.

A level three calf strain is one we don’t even want to think about. There is a general tearing of muscle or tendon, and the associated calf pain can be almost unbearable at first.

Whatever the level, rest and ice make up the usual treatment, though, at level 3, surgery may be necessary.

How Does A Calf and foot massager Work?

These leg massager machines work on two levels:

leg massager The first level is that they massage the feet and calves using a vibrating action. This action is both soothing and tension-reducing on the legs and feet.

If you are on your feet all day in your job, then sinking them into a foot calf massager is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

The other level that most foot calf massagers work on is by stimulating pressure points in the bottom of the feet to reduce stress and improve general well-being. The principle behind this form of therapy is known as reflexology.

Reflexology is defined as a natural healing art that is usually done by a skilled person. The foot calf massager is the equivalent of such a natural healer in machine form.

The basis of reflexology is that parts of the bottom of the feet or pressure points correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body.

When a massaging action is applied to these pressure points, it is thought that it can relieve tension, improve circulation, and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Why You Should Have A Foot Calf Massager

These days, life has just become so darn hectic. So after a long day’s work, it is great to just kick off your shoes and get a good old foot rub.

But let’s look deeper into that with these advantages of actually having your very own foot calf massager.

Certification is another important issue to be considered. All these machines should have a certificate from the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration.

More than just a foot rub

As mentioned earlier, when the day is over, it is pretty much ideal to go home, put up your feet, and get a foot rub.

So can you imagine if you could have even more than that? Having your very own private masseuse is out of the question, but you can always have your very own foot and calf massager.

Sure, the features are different for different brands and models, but you can expect to have one heck of a massage.

With various functions, such as different massage modes through the use of vibration, you can experience kneading, shiatsu for your soles, etc.

Plus, most of these are even heated, which just adds to the whole comfort level. Also, it is called foot and calf massager for a reason- not only will your feet get pampered, but so will your calves.

So you get all of this without having to do any work at all. Just sit back, slip your feet in, push a button, and the rest is up to your massager. How great is that?

Money matters

It is true that Human touch will always be better. But think about how expensive going to a massage clinic or making an appointment at a spa is. With the tough economy nowadays, people want to save.

So even if the initial shell out may be more pricey (since if you are getting a foot and calf massager, it is wise to choose the more expensive ones and think of it as a worthy investment), in the long run, it is much cheaper than going to see a pro.

That is just thinking of the cost of the masseuse or the spa. You also have to factor in how much you spend to get there and get back home too.

Anytime! Anywhere!

Another great thing about owning a foot and calf massager is that unlike having an entire massage chair, these are much smaller, which makes them much more portable.

That means that you can even take one to your office if you want and let it do its magic while you are sitting behind a desk doing some paperwork. You won’t even have to wait till clock out.

Another benefit regarding the size of virtually all foot leg calf massagers is that stage will not be a problem. You can easily make some space for it in your closet, or you can even just slide it under your bed.

Considering the style, you could probably even just leave it in the corner of a room or something like that.

Beneficial Effects of Massage on Human Body

The human body undergoes a lot of strain due to our daily movements and actions. Just like any other thing, it needs proper maintenance for optimum functionality.

A massage is the best way to keep the body stress-free. It also provides much-needed relaxation by relieving it from any kind of pain.

1) Relaxation

Any massage has the primary objective to relax the user. It tried to replicate the relief obtained in a clinical massage. Due to high movements, the muscles contract and expand a lot during the day.

This may cause sprain or muscle contraction. Other side effects include stiffness in muscles caused by performing the same action again and again. Thus a relaxation is much needed for any human body.

2) Relief from stress

Stress is caused due to the pressure of delivering things on time or an overload of work. This forces the brain to work more and deliver at the same time.

To alleviate the body of stress, certain actions performed by the massage are required. Stress can be reduced by relaxing and proper blood circulation and breathing.

3) Better blood circulation and sleep

Lack of blood circulation may cause anemia or may cause disability of certain organs. Blood circulation is highly necessary for proper body functioning and can be best done by breathing.

Circulation is greatly increased on your legs and calves by using a leg and calf massager as opposed to having a foot massager only.

4) Relief from back pain

This is one of the most common problems faced by people across the globe. Due to rigidity or excess strain to the spinal cord, it results in pain.

Often, the spinal cord bones undergo rigorous strain and result in distortion or depletion. They need to relieve the stress by proper exercising.

5) Improvement in posture

Due to a lack of training and education, people often follow the wrong posture, which results in adverse effects on the human body.

This has to be improved for longer life and maintenance of the body. This can be done by undergoing repeated actions of correction under controlled pressure and movement.

The Top Medical Benefits Of A Foot Massage

We all know that nothing beats putting your feet up and giving them a good old rub after a long day’s work. But there is much more to getting a foot massage than just easing away the pain.

So take a look at the top medical benefits of a foot massage. If done properly, you, too, can take full advantage of these.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Foot massage and reflexology can actually be used on patients who suffer from diabetic foot ulcers.

Studies have shown that this paired with the proper medication, this kind of therapy can actually be used to speed up the healing process.

Basically, what this does is that it improves the overall circulation and may very well be used as a supplement for other diabetic foot ulcer treatment.

Artery Disease

Acupressure has been shown to have positive effects on people who suffer from peripheral arterial occlusive disease.

Peripheral artery disease put simply, is pretty much when the arteries get harder and narrower. This then causes problems with blood flow by decreasing it together.

When dealing with the occlusive kind, this basically means that there is decreased blood flow in the lower legs reaching down to the feet depending on how serious the case is.

As mentioned earlier, acupressure is actually used to improve circulation; hence, increase the blood flow once again.


Believe it or not, but acupressure, massage, and reflexology actually help cancer patients. Now, this is obviously no cure, but it does make dealing with the symptoms and side effects much more manageable.

Studies have shown that patients who use these methods have lower anxiety levels, lower pain intensity, and even less nausea than those who do not opt for this kind of therapy.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is actually quite common among Americans as they get older.

Based on research done by the American Heart Association, one out of three adults has high blood pressure.

Now, reflexology is no cure either; however, studies have shown that some of the advantages of having this treatment are that although it does not lower the diastolic number, it does lower the systolic blood pressure significantly.


Reflexology and acupressure are great for people who have come out of the operation of sorts.

This kind of therapy is supposed to help the patients deal with the pain that they may experience after surgery.

Paired with proper medication, aside from decreasing physical pain, studies show that it also leads to a decreased heart and respiratory rate.

And So…

These are the top medical benefits of a foot massage. You must remember, though this kind of therapy is not a cure. So do not expect a miracle. You cannot rub your disease away.

However, acupressure and reflexology do help the people who suffer from these terrible diseases listed above by making the pain, nausea, and other side effects and symptoms much more bearable.

This actually even increases their overall life satisfaction to some degree.

A foot and calf massager is a great way to get a foot massage in your own home as often as you like. In fact, many people use these machines to get circulation back into their lower legs and feet.

They are great for diabetics who also have poor circulation to the extremities. A popular massaging machine at the moment is the life power foot ankle leg knee Massager with Heat Therapy. Check it out if you want to enjoy a foot and lower leg massage.

Popular Brands of Leg and Foot Massager

Human Touch makes quite a few varieties of foot calf leg massagers. They seem to specialize in Ottoman-style massagers.

I think the basic idea behind the Ottoman style is to massage the feet and legs but also look good so that you can have them in your living room as a piece of furniture.

They come in different colors and even fabrics and can look quite stylish.

Other popular brands include Qlive, 3Q, Emson U-Comfy, OSIM, Brookstone massager, and Prospera. Most seem to go for the more practical-looking machine that completely covers the feet and lower legs.

They might not look as good as a piece of furniture but do a good job of massaging the feet and calves and applying reflexology to the healing of the body.

The best foot massagers have more features and include various speeds of vibration or types of actualization. They look like two ski boots joined together and, in fact, are a great way to relax after a busy day of skiing.

Before You Purchase The Leg Massager

Determine your needs for the leg calf massager. Is the purchase due to sports, health reasons, walking, and standing, or for mere relaxation?

The purpose behind the purchase will help contribute to the type of leg massager or calf massager you decide on buying.

The size of the calf massager machine will play a big role in the deciding factor. The final size of the leg and calf massager will decide whether you can travel with the massager or have a deluxe chair in the living/family room.

Final Thoughts

These massagers can provide relief from strains you have endured or just relax your tired legs, feeling re-energized. With a wide selection of sizes, there is an option for everyone available on the market!

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