Linen Shower Curtains

Linen Shower Curtains

You might think that linen curtains are just for people who are trying to make their home look like a Pottery Barn catalog.

However, with some creative thinking, you can use the distinct look of linen to make a number of different looks in your living areas and bedrooms.

Giving your home the look of a cottage that dates back to the 1800s works nicely with linen curtains.

Hanging them in a light neutral color in a room with wooden floors and Mission furniture gives the space a look that goes a century or more back in time.

Whether you are talking about your informal living area, a dining room with an ascetic square table and some simple chairs, or your master bedroom with a bed of Amish construction, the cottage look is even more authentic with the right kind of curtain.

Why use linen Curtains?

With the spike in demand for natural fibers, it is no wonder linen a part of natural fiber is gaining a steady boost in popularity throughout the years recently. Linen curtains don’t shine as much as silk curtains do, but rather it has an indistinct shine on their own.

Good news for you if you do like shiny is that the more you iron your linen curtains, the shinier it will get. A tip on ironing your linen curtains; because it is harder to do so than most fabrics out there, using a steam iron will make your work more effortless.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your linen curtains getting wrinkles or lines that might appear when you fold them.

Interesting History and Facts…

Getting linen curtains and hanging them up on your window will definitely enhance the beauty of your house’s decoration tremendously! Here are some facts about the linen material in your curtains if you get one.

In the book the Linen Cupboard, it said that linen curtains were even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings when it was discovered and shared with the world by British archaeologists Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter in 1922. Isn’t that fascinating?

Another interesting point is that the ancient Egyptians use linen for mummy wrappings. Because linen is used for the burial procedure, it is highly associated with status and wealth. The Phoenicians wore linen cloths during the war, because of its durability and ability to act like strong defense properties similar to those of armors offering much-needed safeguard.

Can you imagine the materials of your linen curtains were used as protection and to mummify a body for thousands of years? Made from the flax plant, linen curtains are at least two to three times stronger than curtains made from cotton. Without a doubt, linen curtains are classy, beautiful, and durable, and make a wise choice as a curtain.

Used for various Spaces

Linen curtains also work well if you have a beach house and want to create light, breezy air. Use light blue and white for painting furniture, walls, and French doors, and hang some curtains that are also white, or just the slightest off-white, in order to make your guests feel like they are actually sitting on the shore, feeling the sprinkle of the surf and smelling the salt.

If you have another element of your space that you want to emphasize, such as exposed wooden beams, linen curtains create a diffuse sort of light that quietens the whole room, allowing different decorative items to stand out in the room.

While the vast majority of curtains let light through, these curtains soften the edges, making the entire area seem calmer and quieter, as if it really did come from the past.

Putting Linen Curtains To Work For You

Another important consideration when working with linen curtains is the precise interaction between the curtains and other decorative elements in the room. Most of the colors that they come in are fairly neutral, either a shade of beige or a dark neutral such as black, charcoal, or navy blue.

This means that the job of making dramatic statements in the house comes from other sources, such as photographs, paintings, vases, tables, and so on. The linen itself has a sort of rough texture, automatically lending the room a slightly rustic feel.

That feel can either be increased or changed by the other items that you gather in the room. If you have a collection of wicker baskets or some tasteful candle holders, they can really pop out against the linen behind or near them.

Linen curtains also make an unobtrusive barrier if you want to create a nook within a larger room. A narrow rod serves to hold the curtain in place with a minimum of disruption; the fact that linen is so translucent makes it less of a barrier than some other curtain materials would create.

This gives the patina of privacy without making a room seem smaller. No matter what sort of living space you have, though, linen curtains are an attractive option.

Linen Shower Curtains

With the help of a linen shower curtain, you’re able to offer an inexpensive remodeling to your bathroom that too in an easy and simple way. Today you will find different types of linen curtains for a bathroom out there in the market.

Moreover, linen curtains are considered the most vital part of your shower décor. These types of curtains provide a sense of privacy in your bathroom. If you desire to enhance the beauty of your bathroom then it is recommended that you should purchase a dark-colored color linen shower curtain.

If your bathroom possesses varied colors then it is suggested that you should select the linen curtains for your bathroom that perfectly blend up with the theme of your bathroom. Apart from this, you should always try to purchase linen curtains which you can clean without any hassle and they should be durable too.

There are also some luxuriant linen shower curtains out there in the market that makes your bathroom look luxurious. With the help of these luxurious shower curtains, you will be able to offer an artistic look to your shower, and also it provides an invigorating feeling.

Different styles, shapes, and sizes

These luxuriant curtains for the bathroom come in diverse styles, shapes, and sizes. Apart from this, there are also some contemporary and modern styles out there.

Moreover, the color and shades also vary. The patterns of these curtains are scrolling, outstanding, bold, and exotic. Moreover, the designs of such types of shower curtains are simple, classic, and elegant too. There are some other linen shower curtains out there in the market that are available with embroidery works on them along with contrasting colors.

Every one of us desires to make the bathroom look elegant and attractive. So, this linen shower curtain expresses the actual selection and also the taste of a person. These types of linen curtains always become the center of attraction not only in the bathroom but in other rooms of your house as well.

If you desire to experience a soothing and comfortable ambiance then it is suggested that you should try to purchase the muted or dark shaded linen shower curtains. Moreover, you should always try to purchase a linen curtain that satisfies your requirements perfectly. For further details, you may refer to the internet.

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