No matter if your bathroom is small or large, you can add a rustic look to it with a few items like a wooden towel rack. Consider the racks being made from natural wood or the shower rod made from the same wood.

The twig look is an amazing addition to this decorative scheme and the bathroom is the best room to use it. Remember the shower curtain with a wooded scene on it or one of neutral colors for blending together colors of wood.

Generally, anyone who owns and uses bathrooms can be grouped into two categories – those who like to show off their towels and those who prefer their towels to be neatly kept away. This decision is not necessarily a reflection of whether your taste is good or not, or if all your towels match or even the space in your bathroom is big or small.

But then, it could be all of them. Towel racks are essential for any home, and it is up to you to decide how simple or extravagant you prefer the choice to be. Fortunately for all of us, online shopping offers an almost unlimited variety of choices from which to select for our different preferences and needs.

Wood Towel Stand – The Different Designs

Considering to place a wood towel stand? Though it may not act as the most important item in your house, it can still be very useful.

You can see how nice it can look too. All the different designs, colors, and sizes of the stands available nowadays are very good looking and have inspired many. It made our choice easier.

Have a look at the below stands, their designs, shapes, and colors. Then you will have a better idea of the various outlooks there are to choose from.

Angled Teak & Stainless Towel Stand

This space-saving teak shower stand is also suited to be used as a convenient pool rack. Durable and versatile, it can be placed indoors or outdoors. It is a beautiful way to add additional storage area to your home or garden.

The angled design is done for saving space while being functional at the same time. Specially handcrafted with sustainably harvested wood, it is naturally water-resistant and has a nice stainless steel finishing touch.

Angled Teak Towel Stand

This wonderful teak shower stand can also be considered as a pool rack. It is handcrafted with solid teak wood.

Its space-saving design is very convenient for any small room. Regardless of indoor or outdoor, it is perfect for your home because of its water-resistant nature.

Wooden Towel Stand with Shelf

With a shelf at the bottom, this all-framed wooden towel drying rack can store your rolled or even folded towels all in the same spot.

It is great to be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or hallways. Light and handy, it is easily carried to the poolside.

The Practical Wood Towel Bar

Having a wood towel bar will definitely add in a unique and rustic look to your bathroom. Highly practical, a bathroom can never be complete without towel bars. Having a wood towel bar will definitely add in a unique and rustic look to your bathroom. Highly practical, a bathroom can never be complete without towel bars.

Towel bars are used to hang the towels, hence they are one of the most important accessories. Usually mounted on the wall, they are racks or bars to keep both dry and wet towels. You can fold your dry towels and keep them on the bars to be readily accessible, while the wet ones can be spread over the bars for drying. It can then prevent them from turning soggy and moldy.

Although towel bars are usually made of metal, the wooden types are fast becoming a favorite. Generally, all types will have a chrome, nickel, brass, or bronze plating to prevent rusting. Towel bars come in two sizes.

One is 18 inches long to hang hand towels and they are placed either near the bathroom sink or in the kitchen. The longer bar is 24 inches, and is used to hang body towels and are placed in the bathrooms. Towel bars also come in a single bar and double bar designs.

The structure of towel bars is very simple. Usually, they consist of a rod that is made of wood, metal, chrome, etc. The rods are suspended a few inches apart from the wall and held on the two sides by two posts. The posts act as the holders for the rod and they are screwed to the wall.

More Shelf Space From Wooden Towel Shelf

Wooden towel shelf can complement the accessory and setup already in the bathroom. Regardless of the space, there never seems to be enough room for everything. More shelf space is the key to getting items off of the floors and store away more towels.

One can use it to store towels and linens, especially if there is no linen closet present. It is also a popular place to keep extra toilet paper so that guests are not hunting around under the sink.

Decorative items placed on the shelf can add to the overall look of the room. Of course, if one runs out of space in the magazine rack, the cabinet will come in handy for those extra books and magazines as well.

Although shelving comes in many materials, it is difficult to beat the timeless elegance of wood. The natural beauty of wood shelving can complement any existing furniture besides adding a coziness feeling to the home.

Natural Setting From A Wooden Towel Rack With Shelf

If you have a large family or just like to have lots of towels on hand, and you like a natural setting, having a wooden towel rack with a shelf in the bathroom is perfect for the job.

Every bathroom needs a place to hang those fluffy, cozy towels, preferably close to the shower or bathtub so we can wrap up right away after getting squeaky clean. The nifty contraptions take the towel bar to the next level by offering multiple bars to drape your towels over.

If space is an issue in your bathroom, don’t dismiss towel racks right away. Not only can you double up on storage with them, but there are also over-the-door towel rack designs that will help free up your wall and floor space.

Another option for a more spacious bathroom is the towel ladder, which sits on the floor and rests up against the wall. This unique design offers several “rungs” for displaying or storing your towels.

If you have free space over your toilet, you might consider a towel shelf — some of which may also offer hooks or an extra bar just below the shelf for, you guessed it, more towels!