34 Stunning Black and White Bathroom Décor Ideas

black and white bathroom decor

Neutrals, white and black, are the principal colors in contemporary style interiors. So, there is no reason as to why the same should not be applicable to bathroom décor ideas too. In fact, decorating the bathroom in black and white really looks fantastic.

A contemporary bathroom should not only be inviting, but it should also have stunning looks. A bathroom should never be a place where you are compelled to visit. Visiting this room should be an enjoyable experience. This is easily achieved by cleverly using black and white motifs. Here are a few of these motifs described for you.

Black and White Chess Motif

Nothing could be more appropriate and sporting than a black and white bathroom chess motif. To follow this motif truly, the basics such as the toilet, sink, and the walls should be kept white. Hang a black and white checkered (chess motif) shower curtain to give the bathroom that eye-catching look.

But do not forget to create two narrow shelves on the bathroom wall for displaying black-and-white metaphorical chess pieces. However, do not try to suspend black curtains against the white background, as this will turn the bathroom dark. Rather, leave the walls ivory white.

Animal Motif

B&W bathroom décor can also be accentuated with the use of animal motifs. Panda bears (black and white, not red and white), in this respect, fit the bill appropriately. Since you can’t afford to hang a black and white panda pelt in your bathroom, do the next best.

You can hang pictures of pandas in black frames on the white walls of your bathroom. They are sure to look great. To make it look more authentic, place a bamboo plant in a corner of the bathroom to showcase the animal’s principal habitat. You can easily transform the look with these black and white bathroom decor ideas.

Lighthouse Motif

A lighthouse motif also serves well as a B&W decoration item in a bathroom. For doing this, use framed pictures lighthouse that can be hung from white bathroom walls. You can also display lighthouse miniatures on any bathroom wall shelf.

Floral Motifs

White flowers are always available, while black ones are difficult to locate. But it will be great if you can find them. Printed black and white flower curtains however are common items in any hardware store. Measure your bathroom doors and windows and get the required length to make the curtains.

The bathroom will look great with its windows sporting black, and white flowery fabric waving in the spring air.

Black and White Floor

Use alternate black and white ceramic tiles to create your lovely bathroom floor. Black and white vinyl tiles can provide a similar effect. Alternatively, use white ceramic tiles with a black border as a retro design. Also effective would be a painted black floor with white stencils, or painted white flooring with black stencils.

Black Marble Countertop

A small bathroom will look really elegant with a black marble countertop, white sink, and dazzling gold accessories. Milk white bath towels piled on shinning black racks will add charm to these mini bathrooms.

Your bathroom can certainly look different and much more appealing than the average one. Black and white bathroom decor ideas can certainly work to your advantage here.

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