How To Choose Corner Bathroom Cabinet

Corner Bathroom Cabinets

A corner bathroom cabinet is the best solution for storing toiletries and other small appliances. A bathroom cabinet has multiple shelves and drawers which help to keep the bathroom clean and organized.

Everyone wants to see his bathroom neat and clean, bathroom cabinets are best. You can put all your required stuff in the bathroom corner cabinets and your bathroom will remain clean.

However, the maintenance of bathroom cabinets is very necessary. Without proper care, it can be damaged. It does not take much time in cleaning the bathroom cabinets. Here are some tips for cleaning a bathroom cabinet.

What to Consider Before Buying a Corner Bathroom cabinet

Treat it very gently; don’t put bathroom corner cabinets behind the bathroom door. It can cause damage to both, the cabinet and the door itself.

Try to dust and polish bathroom cabinets regularly. With the passage of time, your cabinet will become oily and will look very bad.

To keep it good dust it regularly. If there is some water standing on the bathroom cabinet, get it cleaned immediately.

Most of the bathroom linen cabinets are made of wood and water can damage them. So please clean up any standing water.

There are different types of bathroom cabinets and there are a lot of companies which are offering their services to help you. Some people want only simple bathroom corner cabinets.

They can choose a traditional wood cabinet. The most popular type of bathroom cabinet is a vessel sink cabinet.

This cabinet has a bowel on its countertop. So it takes much less space in your bathroom but it can handle a lot of small bathroom accessories.


Most of the bathroom corner cabinets are not much costly. If you don’t have enough budget, even then you can have a good bathroom cabinet at a lower price.

And even if you don’t want to go to a new bathroom cabinet, you can buy a second-hand cabinet.

Second-hand corner bathroom cabinets are easily available in the market at a very affordable rate.

If you don’t have enough time to personally visit you can check some online stores and they will deliver your bathroom cabinets to your home.

Add space and style to your bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom, then installing a corner bathroom cabinet will make it look bigger and spacious.

These cabinets are excellent choices and are very easy to build. In order corner cabinets, you can easily store and display all your stuff. They keep your bathroom look more neat and organized.

There are certain things that should be considered when building a corner bathroom cabinet. They are


The size of the cabinet depends on your bathroom size. You need to keep in mind the overall bathroom size and the items you want to store before making the final decision.


Corner Bathroom Cabinets are made of various materials like wood, metal or glass. Most people prefer wooden cabinets, as they are strong and durable.

The most common wood used for making cabinets is oak, pine, and teak. Corner bathroom cabinets come with shelves and drawers where you can store additional items.

Installing corner bathroom cabinets will be a nice piece of furniture and acts as décor for your bathroom.


Before buying anything for your home, decide your budget. Look out for various offers. Various brands offer awesome prices during festival time, you can buy that time. Even ordering online can provide you with good-quality cabinets at much lower prices.

Other Bathroom Space Saving Ideas

Finding storage space in a tiny bathroom is almost impossible unless you pull some sort of Houdini magic tricks, and instead of making space disappear, you can make it appear.

However, there are a few ideas that can help you find more places to store items in the tiny spaces that you have available, without crowding in on your precious floor and moving around space.

Take a look at some of the ideas below to get started giving your small bathroom increased storage space.

#1) Wall Hung Medicine Cabinet

A wall-hung medicine cabinet is a great way to replace the flat mirror above your bathroom vanity and sinks.

These medicine cabinets can store your personal effects that you use on a regular basis, and free up the precious space on top of your bathroom cabinet and vanity.

Your toothpaste, shaving cream, soaps, and other items can all be stored out of the way. You will still have access to the mirror to be able to see yourself.

#2) Over-The-Toilet Cabinet

One greatly underutilized space in your tiny bathroom is the area above your toilet.

If you look into your bathroom, chances are that you either have no storage options currently above the toilet. When using a decorative rack that holds some potpourri or other smell-good items.

If put in an over the toilet cabinet, you can still hang your smell-good items as well as have closed-off spaces available for the other items that you need regularly.

#3) Floating Corner Shelves

Adding extra storage space is difficult, especially when you are dealing with smaller spaces, but another great way that you can add storage spots without impeding into your moving space is by adding in floating corner shelf units.

These shelves fit perfectly into the corner and can be easily stacked 3, 4, or even 5 shelves high, giving you plenty of extra space.

#4) Door Hung Racks & Hooks

The space on the back of your bathroom door can also be utilized. With door-hung racks and hooks, you can hang the towels and robes that you use regularly, and do not want to lay on the floor. This will clear up space on the toilet as well as your vanity where you normally keep these items.

#5) Corner Hutch Cabinet

A corner hutch cabinet will save you space because it is going above another cabinet that is already taking up the floor space. May as well make more space in the area above it!

Corner Bathroom Cabinet – Great Space Saving Design

If you are looking for bathroom remodeling ideas and the bathroom is very small and there is not enough space to keep the towels and other necessities, then it is time to consider the purchase of a corner bathroom cabinet.

A corner cabinet in the bathroom is a great addition because it fits right in any available space while providing extra storage.

The best news is they are very easy to install.

A corner cabinet for the bathroom can be found in a wide array of sizes and shapes. They are a great way to store and organize bath linens and other bath accessories.

There is no more clutter of the various types of soap, shampoos, and lotions found in most bathrooms.


A corner bathroom cabinet can be found made of many different materials. The main materials used are wood and glass.

There is also a wide variety of colors available to match any existing bathroom décor. With the wide variety of cabinets to choose from it is important to consider some things.

When shopping around look around at the durability, quality, type of material, size and design of the cabinet to make sure it will work in the space you have available.

Also, be sure to make sure it is large enough to organize the desired items.

Prior to going out and shopping for a new cabinet, be sure to measure the space it will be installed in.

Most corner bathroom cabinets are assembled when purchased so it is important they fit in the space they are bought for.

Corner bathroom cabinet ideas

Personalized Bathroom Storage Ideas

Because of the growing trend in master baths to create the ultimate bath experience, designers are outfitting modern washrooms with several freestanding and fitted lavatory furniture pieces.

Consequently, instead of restricting their décor to a single unique vanity centerpiece, fitted bathroom furniture offers the creative home renovator plenty of storage space while at the same time offering the individual the ability to create a more personalize contemporary grooming space.

The fitted storage units are available in a range of finishes to suit your bath’s unique décor. And the best part about fitted furniture is that the individual units can be joined and used in combination with each other to create as much storage as desired.

Washroom furniture suites are increasingly popular in modern homes. Easy to clean and care for, coordinated and harmonious, and providing an enormous amount of storage space, fitted bath cabinets look great and can help to simplify life a little.

Getting the Best Fit

1. Before you do anything else – before you even begin window-shopping – measure your available space. Make a note of all pertinent measurements and have it with you at all times. You never know when you might come across the perfect vanity unit when you’re not strictly ‘bathroom shopping’, and you don’t want to end up re-designing your lavatory layout just to incorporate an uninformed impulse buy.

2. When you come to design your layout, remember that it’s not just a case of squeezing in all the bathroom furniture and sanitary ware you want. You also have to be able to use the space – which means sensibly sized gaps between your fittings and a common-sense layout that won’t have you dashing from one side of the restroom to the other as you get ready for work in the morning. Many interior designers recommend at least a 60cm gap in front of your toilet and basin and 70cm alongside your bath.

3. Think about buying items that have a dual purpose, such as vanity units that combine surface space and below basin storage, and medicine cabinets that combine a mirrored front with interior storage and open shelving. If you can source items that will give you a solution to more than one of your washroom requirements, you’re well on your way to value for money bathing space – no matter how much money you actually spend.

4. Lavatory furniture is great for the provision of storage – but there are different kinds of storage space available and you need the storage space in your bathing facility to work for you. So think about how you use your grooming space, what kinds of items you keep, and how frequently you need access to them.

Fitting a bath with too much hard-to-reach storage when you’re naturally inclined toward open shelving, or adding cupboards suitable for bulky items when you really need some easy access space for a selection of neatly ordered smaller items, is a sure way of setting yourself up to fail.

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