How To Choose Corner Bathroom Vanity

Corner Bathroom Vanity

How do you make use of a corner space in any room at home? Renovating an old room with contemporary corner bathroom vanity furniture can be quite challenging especially if it has very limited space.

Good thing, today’s vanity unit now comes with corner vanity that can be fitted conveniently anywhere in the room’s corner without impeding the space which allows homeowners to move freely within.

Vanity fixtures are available in different colors, designs, sizes, and types of building materials. Homeowners can choose which they may deem suitable for the appearance of the room.

They are made for children as well as for adults to use. One can find them installed in bathrooms, bedrooms and powder rooms.

Available Variants

Corner vanity units may come as an individual piece or in sets. The corner bathroom vanity units that were designed for adults may include a chair, tables, and mirrors.

Some of them are also equipped with drawers for storing cosmetics, make-up paraphernalia, and other personal effects. Aside from these drawers, one can also choose units that have lights installed on them. The more luxurious the design, the pricier they become.

Corner bathroom vanity

The vanity fixtures are made from different type of materials such as wood, glass, stainless steel and fiberglass. The type of materials used for the fixtures should be considered by the buyers especially if they are shopping for a corner bathroom vanity.

Since a bathroom is a humid place, it is only important to install vanity furniture with materials that can withstand against humidity for a long period of time. Maintenance of these bath vanities should also be considered. Some may choose the maintenance-free type while others choose the ones that need a special cleaner to make them look dainty and free from rust.

Space Saving Fixture

Another important component of a corner vanity is the corner vanity table. They also come in different sizes, colors, designs, and materials. Some of these tables may or may not come with fixed mirrors on top of them to give buyers the liberty to choose the best mirror according to their preferences.

Another important element to consider is the space provided by the table under it. There are those tables that may be a space saver but are designed at the expense of the users’ comfort when they are seated. A table with narrower spaces in between its legs, for example, can limit the movement of the knees.

Before buying a corner vanity or any type of vanity furniture, it is important that one should thoroughly plan on where the fixture should be installed. In the case of bathroom vanity fixture, contractors can be of much help as they are the ones who know where to place the plumbing as well as the electrical connections.

It is also essential to measure the size of the room, to avoid buying furniture which is larger than the allocated space for it. Aside from size, the design and color also matter especially if one is sharing with the opposite sex. If you want to give due regard and consideration to the opposite sex you are sharing the room with, go for the best available color and design that should be suitable for both sexes without ruining the appearance of the room. There are plenty of furniture websites that provide suggestions and information to help you make a better choice.

A Buyer’s Guide to Corner Bathroom Vanity Purchasing

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or have just started to build one, it is imperative that you know of the several ways on how to enhance its look further. One of these ways is the corner bathroom vanity – a bathroom centerpiece or organizer that will act not only as a holder for your bathroom essentials but also as a tool for hiding untidy details like piping or wiring.

With regards to styles, a corner vanity offers a lot of amazing choices for you. Simple versions usually come with a single sink and stand; while other intricate models feature dual sinks, cabinetry, countertops, drawers, and the list goes on.

Since you are in the market for a corner bathroom vanity, it is highly important that you fill your mind with the right information before buying one. The list below contains all the necessary tips that you should use as a guideline when purchasing corner bathroom vanity units.

  • Measure your bathroom’s space.

If your bathroom is small, then you should choose small vanities that typically measure 18, 24, or 30 inches. When it comes to materials, units made of glass or metal are good options to start with. However, if you are lucky enough to have a roomy bathroom space, then you can go for big antique or traditional vanities that will make good use of the area you have.

  • Choose a particular vanity style.

corner bathroom vanity sink By grouping them according to the maintenance requirements, you can easily narrow down the huge choices into a few best alternatives. If you want a very appealing vanity but very durable at the same time, one good choice that you can go for is the one made from travertine or granite. For a modern appeal, units made from glass or metal make an elegant choice. However, if you have kids at home, you may want to avoid choosing glass because they are prone to scratches, cracks, and smudges.

Save money from the right resources.

When shopping for a corner bathroom vanity sink, it is recommended that you check several suppliers here and there to be able to find the best offers possible. Likewise, there are lots of online vendors that offer corner bathroom sink vanity in good prices so be sure to check them out.

Sprucing up your bathroom’s look is very easy once you find the perfect corner bathroom vanity for your needs. So go ahead and search for one today on the internet or local suppliers to get the best deals that are waiting for you!

Storage area

If you have a vanity that takes up a whole wall in your bathroom you are already aware of how it sets the tone for your entire bathroom. Whether you have a natural wood finish or painted wood, round edges or straight edges will all determine how inviting your vanity will be to your family to touch and use.

The vanity area is usually made up of a faucet and washbasin set, the countertop, the mirrors, and possibly a medicine cabinet. Electrical outlets and lighting fixtures should also be taken into consideration when designing your vanity area.

As you are well aware, there should be enough room in front of the vanity to open the drawers and doors with obstruction. Sometimes though in their haste to get the perfect vanity, people forget to allow enough wall space for a mirror and lighting.

Just remember to determine precisely how much storage space you will need and plan your area for specific items to alleviate the worry of running out of room for your practical storage needs such as small appliances, cleaning, and grooming accessories.

A Beginner’s Guide To Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom vanity cabinets can act as a focal point of any bathroom. For this reason, it is extremely vital that you purchase the best model there is. Once you have an excellent cabinet, the whole look and ambiance of your bathroom will be much improved. But as most people say, things are always easier said than done.

You may find a lot of designs out there that will catch your attention; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best one for you. So to help you on this predicament, this article has listed the best choices so that you can start making decisions on the spot with ease.

Selection Guidelines

Traditionally, bathroom vanity cabinets are the favorite choice of many homeowners. Popular and well-loved by millions, these bathroom vanities are usually installed both on the floors and walls and typically come with mirrors on top. Whether they are small bathroom vanity cabinets or bathroom vanity cabinets without tops, there are countless options with regards to shapes, sizes, as well as designs.

  • Size – The right vanity should be broad enough to hold the sink or big enough to cover the entire area of the wall where it is mounted. The size of the vanity cabinet you will choose will be influenced by the size of your bathroom and obviously, you want to select a piece of furniture that will promote proportion.
  • Shape – These days, a rectangle shape is not the only sound choice anymore. Especially if it is a corner vanity, you can find a staggering array of options on modern bathroom vanity cabinets, most of them are crafted using advanced design technology; some are curved either gently or sharply; while others feature interesting details like inset sinks, dual sinks, and open shelving.

Design Choices

If you will look at the many design options that have all the rage on the internet today, you will see the following included in the most-favorite-designs list.

  • Rustic
  • French provincial
  • Classic
  • Minimalist
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Art Deco
  • Space Age
  • Country Style

When purchasing, don’t forget to ask a local furniture supplier or an online seller if you have further questions. Every bathroom should have its own set of bathroom vanity cabinets or else the interior will only look pretty dull and dysfunctional. So keep up with the hottest trend today and upgrade your precious bathroom into a more comfortable and more organized one by having a modern vanity of your choice.

Small Bathroom Vanities – The Ideal Choice

Are you having trouble with the available space that you have in your bathroom? While purchasing bathroom vanities, it is very important to think about the space available. A large vanity is, of course, a good choice but it will only make your bathroom look very cluttered with absolutely no space for anything else.
Even if you buy an expensive one, the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom will be lost completely. Thus, if you have a small bathroom or if you’d like to save space in your bathroom, small bathroom vanities are the ideal choice.

Helpful Considerations

There are numerous choices of small vanities for bathroom for you to pick from and you can choose whatever suits your requirements. You don’t have to worry about the lesser variety because you want a small vanity. There are plenty of options for you to explore. Here is what you should keep in mind when buying bathroom vanities for small spaces:

  • Small bathroom vanities are generally around fifteen to twenty inches. They give you enough space to accommodate a sink but you can’t expect counter space.
  • When purchasing one, make sure you purchase one enough to reflect your face and your neck. Make sure you check out the storage options available too. Always remember that vanities serve the purpose of storage in the bathroom, mainly, and of course to groom yourself. Thus, if you could find something that has at least a little counter space, it would be ideal. Searching a little will help you find the right one.
  • A corner vanity is an ideal choice for small spaces, too. It saves a lot of space in itself and occupies a corner that generally goes unnoticed. This is a smart move.
  • You don’t have to buy small bathroom vanities only if you have a small bathroom. You should buy the right size based on your needs. For example, a small vanity is an ideal choice for a kid’s bathroom because he won’t have a lot of things to store. The same holds true for guest bathrooms.
  • A considerably small vanity will look amazing even in a large bathroom and will also give you a lot of space. The only thing to ensure is to buy the right vanity based on your preferences, your budget, and your requirements.

Note that there are plenty of small bathroom sinks and vanities for you to choose from. You just have to take the time out to look through the options and make a choice. The Internet is the best place to start your search.

The Invaluable Bath Vanities

How much time do you spend time in the bathroom? Bathroom vanities are an absolute necessity to ensure that the daily routine is easy and smooth. There are many different types of bath vanities for you to choose from based on your requirements and your budget.
Understanding all the available options and thinking things through will help you choose the best without fail. Here is more about vanities for the bathroom for those who don’t understand the concept.

The Reason

As aforementioned, these are required to fulfill a number of functions. Whether it is your personal bathroom or a bathroom in the public room or in hotels or the airplane, a vanity is of importance. You can wash your hands, freshen up, and sanitize yourself with ease thanks to the vanity. The best thing about these is that the modern bath vanities are decorative at the same time. They can add value to your bathroom and serve all the functions at the same time.

The Features

There are plenty of features for you to choose from. Thus, you should research and find out what exactly you are looking for. If you live with a partner, you will need to check out bath vanities with double sink. If the bathroom is small, you can pick one from the available small bath vanities. However, be sure that the sink is large enough for both partners to use it together. A mirror on top is also very important. Lighting is another feature that you shouldn’t forget. When you make your purchase, choose one that also gives you storage space for all your toiletries. There are many different vanities today that come with cabinets.

The Types

Today, you will find just about every style and type of vanity you could imagine. If you want to save space, for example, you could go for the corner vanity. If you want to go old school, you could choose a Victorian style of vanity. If you want bath vanities with tops, you can choose them too. Right from the type of sink to the type of faucet to the type of wood used, you have a plethora of options to choose from.

Before Purchasing

There are a few things that you must consider without fail while looking through bath vanities. These include space, budget, and maintenance requirements. Space is the number one factor because a mismatch could ruin your bathroom altogether. Coming to the budget, you should give a thought to the labor costs also. If you want a low maintenance vanity, granite is the right choice.

Now that you know everything about bath vanities, you will be able to purchase the right one for your bathroom so that you can always come out all fresh and cozy from each visit.

What’s Trending?

A new vanity is the heart of a bathroom remodels, so knowing what’s on-trend is a good place to start your search. Fortunately for DIY redecorators, bathroom vanity trends have been pretty consistent over the past several years, and most designers are predicting similar trends for the coming year, including:

A continued shift toward more contemporary styles, such as floating vanities.An increased emphasis on comfort, including taller, counter-height (aka comfort-height) designs

Undermount sinks that present cleaner lines, and are also easier to clean than surface mount sinks

Space-efficient cabinet designs with lots of storage

Avanity Merlot Single Bathroom Vanity

Single Bathroom Vanity

Sizing Up Your Size Options

There are several important points to consider when settling on a vanity size.


Sizing Up Your Vanity Options

Plumbing location Rerouting plumbing makes a bathroom remodel costlier and more difficult, so you may want to stick with a vanity that’s similar to your current one in size, type (e.g. free standing or wall mounted), and planned location.

Storage needs Organize your bath supplies and toiletries, and calculate the likely drawer space needed for essentials. But keep things in proportion—better to scale your vanity to your bathroom than to overwhelm the room. You can always add creative storage supplements such as baskets, shelves, or small countertop cabinets.

Shared use Will two people sometimes be using the vanity at once? Will children be using it as well as adults?

With those sizing considerations in mind, here are some vanity height, depth, and width basics to help guide your buying decision.


Wyndham Collection Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Wyndham Collection Bathroom Vanity Set


A 30-inch height was the bathroom vanity standard for a long time—but not anymore. Comfort-height vanities, which typically measure around 36 inches or slightly less in height, are the new standard for contemporary bathrooms. The extra height provides easier access and less back strain for most people and works better with modern sink designs. If kids will be using the room, a 30-inch or 32-inch height is a good compromise.



Most bathroom vanities measure around 17 inches to 24 inches in depth. A depth of 20 or 21 inches is the typical minimum for regularly sized bathrooms. For small or narrow bathrooms, a cabinet that’s closer to the wall will provide much-needed space for door or drawer opening and foot traffic.



Those bathroom walls aren’t going anywhere, so width is usually the easiest measurement to obtain. For single-sink cabinets, the most popular width range is between 36 and 48 inches. For double vanities, a width range of 60 to 72 inches is typical. Keep in mind that the vanity top should be a bit wider and deeper than the cabinet (see our vanity tops buying and installation guide for details).


Direct Vanity Double Bathroom Vanity – Espresso

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity



8 Bathroom Vanity Details Every Shopper Should Consider

Single or double sink A large single-sink cabinet will provide more storage than a comparably sized double-sink vanity, but that extra sink is a serious timesaver, especially for families and children.

Sink type Undermounts are on-trend, but vessel sinks look great in guest baths and powder rooms.

Faucet spread A bath vanity that comes with a top will likely have it pre-drilled for a particular faucet spread: widespread (usually 8 inches), center-set, or single hole.

Mirror Many of the bath vanities at come with a matching mirror, providing a more cohesive look for your bathroom redesign.

Floating or free-standing Free-standing vanities are best for storage and traditional style. Most vanities measuring 60 inches or wider are floor standing, furniture-style cabinets. Wall-mounted designs offer modern style that makes small bathrooms look bigger.

Countertop material and color Free-standing vanities are best for storage and traditional style. Most vanities measuring 60 inches or wider are floor standing, furniture-style cabinets. Wall-mounted designs offer modern style that makes small bathrooms look bigger.

Finish and color scheme Gray, beige, and bone colors are on-trend for contemporary bathrooms, while wood finishes such as cherry and oak remain traditional favorites.

Storage features Cabinet size isn’t the only key to storage. Look for vanities with a useful combination of storage options, including doors, drawers, and open shelving for easy access to frequent-use items.

Free Standing Bath Vanity

Free Standing Bath Vanity

Single or a Double? Bath Vanity Options Galore!


Single Sink Vanities

Choices. Variety. Options. Hayneedle has it all when you’re searching for that bathroom vanity upgrade. Our single sink vanities are offered in wide ranges of types, sizes and finishes. All you need is to let your imagination to be your guide.


Double Sink Vanities

If you have the room why not take advantage of a double sink bathroom vanity? Two sinks, twice the space and an abundance of extra storage! Not to mention, Hayneedle features the top brands and styles to transform your bath into an oasis. Plus, even with a double bath vanity, there’s always time to share.

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