Decorative Lighting Solutions

Decorative Lighting Solutions

Who likes entering a gloomy looking room? No one does, but how do you add brilliance to your home décor? When someone thinks of illuminating a bathroom they usually think of overhead or wall lamps, yet there are really no limitations as to what you can apply decorative lights to.

As most modern interior decorators will tell you, illuminating the streaming water from your faucets, bathtub or showerhead has become a trendy thing to do. An integrated lighting system that incorporates a warm glow of lights behind paintings or wall hung mirrors can bathe the fixture in backlighting to highlight or offset it from the background and add new life to what would have been an otherwise boring white wall.

Design Flare

While decorative lighting is mainly used to supply light to your bathrooms ambient layer, it can also be used to accentuate areas of your bath as well as provide a way to personalize the space by drawing attention to the lighting fixture.

Mirrors are an ideal place not only for task lighting but you can give your grooming area a sense of distinction when soft light glows from around the edges as well as the front of a frameless mirror. The doors of a mirrored medicine cabinet can be banded with radiance turning your homely readyroom into a contemporary grooming space that sparkles.

Spark the Conversation

Clever lighting is an important design feature that can help your bath look its best. Under counter accent lights can be used to highlight natural stone countertops and backsplashes.

A hanging circular fluorescent chandelier can add decorative lighting to your bathing space as well as be a unique and interesting conversational piece when your guests come over.

Visual Barriers

Low voltage pin lights gently set your bath ceiling aglow creating a dramatic interplay of illumination created with a minimal amount of glare.

Let your creativity gleam, you can even shine colored light through a panel of frosted glass to not only wash the panel with luminosity but also create a visual barriers that gives a sense of privacy and adds lustre to the room.

Well-lit While Saving Money

L.E.D. or fluorescent fixtures reduce operating cost because they are more energy efficient than incandescent or halogen bulbs. However, when it comes to fluorescent bulbs make sure you choose products that use a high-frequency electronic ballast to eliminate any distracting hum or flicker.

Skin tones look best with color temperatures of 3500k or less. When putting on makeup, select bulbs that have a manufactures label with the words “warm-light” or “color corrected” to eliminate the greenish glow that was reminiscent of earlier brands of fluorescents.

Sometimes Enlightenment Comes in Small Packages

If you do not like the elongated tube like look of this product, you can also purchase compact fluorescent bulbs, which look like standard bulbs but have a much longer life span and therefore will cost more. The only downside is that they cannot be used if you have dimmer switches in your bathing area.

Highlighting the Positive Attributes

Specialized lighting effects can be used as an interesting and dramatic design element in your bathroom. Many theorists believe that light onto itself can promote positive physical health as well as calm and soothe human emotions through holistic healing methods.

These color psychologist support the notion that colored light (otherwise known as chromatherapy) can bring about a predicable emotional response that can be used to help those that bathe in its visual properties. While these claims can be argued, the use of decorative light in your bathroom can without a shadow of a doubt be used to make a design statement and leave a lasting impression of your home. Punch up your décor; let’s brighten up that dreary looking bath today!


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