Teak Wood

Where Does Teak Wood Come From?

There are three species of teak wood in the world, though only one is typically seen in teak furniture. This is because the other two types are endangered, and only the breed known as “common teak” (Tectona grandis) is really used in making furniture. All three species are indigenous to tropical areas of Southeast Asia, …

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Tile – The Ideal Finish

Custom tilework offers the homeowner the opportunity to add some personality to their home with this ideal finish. Creating a color coordinated grooming area is pleasant and personal. Pick an item and build your bath around it such as artwork, a postcard, or precious keepsakes. Coordinate your tile patterns to cover your surfaces and complement …

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Tub Faucets

What Are Tub Faucets?

Tub faucets are among the many bath fixtures that are a vital part of your bathroom environment. This is primarily due to the fact that these fixtures don’t merely deliver water to bathtubs, they also help the bath function at its best as well as add a whole new level of style and grace. While …

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Baby Hot Tub

MagicBath Baby Hot Tub

Water is the staple of life, it is not only refreshing but also has powerful restorative qualities as well. As most new parents will tell you, babies love the water experience as they coo and laugh while they blissfully splash away to their heart’s content. While we all want the best for our offspring and …

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Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Steps

If you are a first time bathroom renovator, when performing home renovations, you will find that besides the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the second most expensive and time consuming room in the house to renovate but if done properly will be a good upgrade investment for years to come. One of the first decisions …

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Bathroom Sinks Explored

Bathroom Sinks Explored

Modern day bathroom sinks supply the restroom remodeler with an extensive line of basins in a variety of designs, components as well as colors and are built to endure the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day bath schedule. Sink fashion has truly flourished within the last few couple of years, because of this you should …

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Shower Ceiling Lights

Planning for Shower Ceiling Lights

When devising a lighting plan for their bathroom most homeowners forget about shower ceiling lights for brightening up their stall. Good ambient luminance for showers doesn’t just happen, it has to be planned. To prevent trips when getting in and out of a poorly illuminated bathing enclosure and to actually see what you’re doing when …

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Decorative Lighting Solutions

Decorative Lighting Solutions

Who likes entering a gloomy looking room? No one does, but how do you add brilliance to your home décor? When someone thinks of illuminating a bathroom they usually think of overhead or wall lamps, yet there are really no limitations as to what you can apply decorative lights to. As most modern interior decorators …

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Bathroom Flooring

The Five Pillars of Bathroom Flooring

Flooring Essentials Your bathroom floor not only sets the comfort level in your bathroom, but it also lays down the stage for your bathroom fixtures and other bath decorations. Fortunately, there are many different flooring materials and styles that are aesthetically pleasing and can stand up to the abuse that most bathroom flooring surfaces have …

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Wiring a Bathroom

What to Know Before Wiring a Bathroom

First Learn Basic Electrical Principles Wiring a bath involves more than just electrical wires, receptacles and switches. The underlying fundamental about bathrooms is that they do have a tendency of being undesirably damp, and everyone knows that electricity and water do not mix. This shock avoidance combined with the thought of shorting out your entire …

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grey bathrooms

12 Beautiful Grey Bathrooms Ideas

1. Brown Grey 2. A mixture of Grey and white 3. Dark Grey Cabinets 5. White cabinets and Grey Walls 6. Soft Grey with white Sink 7. Wall Hanging Cabinets and Toilet 8. Grey and White Bathtub

Types Of Shower Valves

5 Types Of Shower Valves Explained

The shower valve is one of the most important parts of the shower. Even so, most people have no idea of what it actually does, or that there are many different makes and models that are available to them. Therefore, before you begin any kind of bathroom remodel or renovation and especially if you are changing showerheads, you …

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Eucalyptus Shower Head

6 DIY Eucalyptus Shower Head Ideas for a Soothing Spa

1. Eucalyptus Shower Hanger DIY 2. DIY Eucalyptus Shower 3. Eucalyptus in the Shower from Trader Joe’s   4. Here’s Why You Should Be Hanging Eucalyptus in Your Shower 5. Bathroom Makeover 🌿 Hanging plants, eucalyptus + decorating! 6. Eucalyptus: Spiritual and Magical Uses  

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