How to Avoid Falling in the Shower

How To Avoid Falling In The Shower

Preventing yourself from falling in the shower is a combination of investments and making wise choices for your bathroom.

You can always use shower chairs, grab bars, and tension poles. You can also buy non-slip items that can help you avoid tripping.

Put all these things together and you will have a safer and comforting experience whilst you are in your bathroom.

You may be familiar with pieces of advice on how to avoid falling in the shower. “Keep the floor dry at all times”. “Avoid slippery tubs”. ““Clean the bathroom to prevent mold and mildew.”

These are a few good things that remind you of staying safe whilst taking a bath. But there is one new thing that can help you avoid falling in your bathroom. This is what we call a shower chair.

A shower chair had been created to provide assistance to disabled persons who want to take a bath without getting too much help from others.

This is also ideal for our oldies who always want to experience independence whilst bathing. With this said, it is alright to generalize that a shower chair can assure anybody’s safety when taking a bath.

Together with this perfect item that goes well with your safety needs whilst showering, you can also consider other tips.

First – Invest in other necessities aside from the shower chair.

A shower chair is just one of the legions of bathroom accessories that can support you whilst taking a bath.

Add to that, you can also get handrails as well as tension poles that will assist you when you are moving around the bathroom.

Not to forget that you should also have towel bars placed in an area most accessible to you. You may have to spend more buying these items but they are of great help.

Second – Use non-slip bathroom mats.[teak shower mat] 🙂

There are a variety of bathroom mats that you can make use of. When choosing from any of these varieties, you must consider materials such as foam and PVC.

These can prevent slippage whilst you are taking a bath. Bathroom mats are considered great investments since they can absorb excess water flowing on your bathroom floor.

Third – Use anti-slip tiles as well.

This is a great tip for those of you who are still planning to have your house built. It is also best suited for those of you who are undergoing house renovation at the moment.

Anti-slip tiles act the same way as those of non-slip bathroom mats in that they can lessen your risk of falling whilst taking a bath.

Teak Shower Floor

Ceramic tile and fiberglass are indeed two common materials for shower floor but if you want something different, you can choose the teak shower floor.

You might think that wood flooring is a bad choice for wet areas; however, teak is different. Teak is very watertight because it contains a large amount of oil and rubber.

The rubber and oil contents make teak rot resistant. This article will provide you with some of the benefits of using this type of shower floor, tips to maintain this shower floor, and the price.

Benefits of a teak shower floor

Although teak is an uncommon choice for the shower floor, there are many benefits that you can get from using this shower floor. The first benefit is that this shower floor will add beauty to your shower room.

It creates a natural atmosphere in your shower room. Another benefit is that it is applicable to various shower room designs. Whether you have a modern shower room design or an elegant design, this shower floor can be a perfect match.

Another benefit that you can get is that this shower floor is very durable. If you give proper treatment, it can last for more than a decade although you use it each and every day.

If you think that the wood floor is hard to clean then you are wrong. Most quality teak floors are easy to clean and the manufacturers usually provide detailed step-by-step to clean and maintain the shower floors.

Some manufacturers also provide free cleaning kits for every purchase of the shower floor.

Unlike other hardwoods, teak is resistant to rot, mildew, and mold. And the surprising fact is that it is also germ-free. This characteristic prevents bacteria to grow on your shower flooring. Lastly, this type of shower floor can dry your feet faster than the ceramic or fiberglass shower floor.

Tips to maintain teak shower floor

Maintaining a teak floor is quite simple.

No matter what climate you live in, the treatment is the same. You only need to clean it regularly with special cleaning kits. You can easily find the cleaning kits for teak at a local home improvement store.

Some manufacturers also offer cleaning kits at no cost so you can use them right away. In order to keep the shine of this wood shower floor, you only need to apply teak conditioning oil twice a year.

No need to hire professionals for the cleaning because as long as you have all the cleaning kits, you can complete the maintenance in a few minutes.

The price of the teak shower floor

Unlike ceramic and fiberglass that are affordable, the teak floor is a bit expensive. However, although it is expensive it is worth your money. This shower floor is available in several different qualities.

Size also influences the price of this shower floor. A high-quality floor with standard size can cost you up to $400.

Why Purchase a Teak Shower Mat?

Mats are important parts of a bathroom and shower area of your home. Most people like purchasing ordinary carpet mats, but those can get pretty dirty in annoying ways.

If you really want to have a better-looking shower area, you really should consider adding a nice teak shower mat to your bathrooms.

These are nice because of the fact that they can offer you a clean floor after your showers. If you’re in need of a good mat for cleaning up your feet, investing in these is much better than investing in something else.

Why purchase a teak shower mat?

First of all, it’s so much fun to take showers and clean your feet afterward through these mats. Since these have a type of wooden feeling, they don’t breakdown or have the water get stuck on it all day long.

The water does drain and go to the floor, but that’s better than drenching up your entire carpet mat in your area. These are even nice to look at the inside of a bathroom.

They give a bathroom a unique type of design, and the best part is that you can really enhance your bathrooms look when you have these mats inside. They are very easy to have, and they make drying up easier than ever.

Is teak shower mat expensive?

When you buy a Teak Shower Mat, they’re going to enhance your bathrooms look tremendously, so the price shouldn’t really be a problem.

Luckily, a Teak Shower Mat is not expensive at all. It’s actually pretty cheap compared to other mats available that show different types of quality.

There are literally dozens of different mats available, and this is one of those that won’t cost you a fortune at all to invest in. So, you won’t find them to be expensive.

Tips on finding the perfect real shower mat

To get the best mat available, you really need to start looking for one that’s not too big. Usually, it’s the bigger ones that are so unrealistic to have in the bathroom.

The big ones look bad inside of most bathrooms, especially the ones that aren’t so big. Aside from size, you should also consider looking for two layers in these mats, as the two-layered ones are always the strongest ones that withstand a heavy person.

Those are definitely more enjoyable to have in your bathroom. These are nice because they also work great for swimming pools in your backyards as well. Before walking into the house while you’re wet, you can dry up these mats and head on in after the water is poured out of your body.

These mats are definitely a great idea for your bathroom. They can really create a great place for you to get all of that water off your body. The truth is that it can be hard to dry up, but it gets so easy to do when you have this mat.

The water from your body is quickly and easily going to fall on this mat. If you’re in need of a strong mat, the teak shower mat is what you need.

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