How to Clean a Marble Shower

How To Clean A Marble Shower

Marble showers create a beautiful natural look in any bathroom. It truly screams sophistication to any luxurious home because they are pretty classy and equally expensive. Of course, you want protection for your investment, right? The only way to ensure you keep it looking gorgeous as the day it was installed is through proper maintenance.

Unfortunately, with different products available in regular bath soaps and your shampoo, it’s easy to imagine the nightmare of maintaining a marble shower. While cleaning it may not be all sunshine and lollipops, it’s equally not an uphill task. Provided you have basic knowledge on how to clean a marble shower, you’re good to go. Well, this article gives you insight on how to take care of your precious investment and stunning addition to your bathroom.

What you need to know about marble showers

Being a by-product of limestone, marble, by nature, is an absorbent material. Therefore, the stone surface of the marble installed in your bathroom should be sealed using a mold and mildew inhibitor. This will help in making it easier to maintain. Luckily, most of them come sealed by manufacturers. However, be sure to check this with your dealer before purchasing or else you will not be able to keep it pristine however hard you clean it.

What you’ll need

Before you begin, you’ll surely need to have a few things within arm’s reach including;

Nylon bristled brush.
pH neutral soap scum remover.
Mildew stain remover.
Distilled warm water.

Cleaning your marble shower

Starting from the top, spray the stone cleaner onto the marble surface then use a wet sponge to wipe it off. The cleaner should be made specially for marble so be sure to consult with a professional if you’re unsure.

Using a dry towel, wipe off water from the marble shower. You can always do this on a daily basis immediately after your bath.
Failure to care for it will damage the surface due to the mineral deposits available in water and chemical components in your shampoo, your body wash or shaving cream.

Re-spray your cleaner on any rough spots and leave it for a few minutes .
Use super fine grade steel wool to remove the stubborn stains but be sure not to rub too hard.
Use distilled warm water for any light touch-up cleaning and rinse your shower from top to bottom.
Wipe off using a wet sponge then dry it with a towel.

Use the pH neutral soap scam remover when cleaning biyearly to remove thoroughly soap scum and a mildew stain remover for killing and removing any living mildew or mold. This step would surely be a lot easier if you clean your shower on a weekly basis using soap cleaner.

What you should avoid

Now that you know and understand how to clean a marble shower, it’s important to be cautious about a few things so as to maintain your shower properly.
Keep off vinegar while cleaning natural marble. Though vinegar can be used to clean other surfaces, it may dull the surface of your marble shower due to its acidic nature. Moreover, off-the-shelf bathroom cleaners would affect your marble shower negatively. These cleaners contain harsh chemicals and bleaches that are not suitable to use on your marble shower’s delicate surface.

Avoid bleach and ammonia products on your marble shower because they will dull its surface especially when used over extended periods of time. With time, you’ll notice that the surface of the marble is getting dull.

Maintaining your marble shower regularly

If you’re looking to keep your marble shower as elegant as it is, one great trick would be to maintain it on a daily basis. Squeegee the walls after every shower and then dry the surface to remove water to help prevent mold buildup. It’s equally advisable to leave your shower door open so as to allow the surface to dry easily. Regular maintenance additionally makes weekly and biyearly cleaning an easy and quick task.

Final thought

With many vendors boasting of providing the best products to use while cleaning your marble shower, it would do you more good to get the right information from your shower manufacturer who will give you a few recommendations on the best products to use on your marble shower.

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