How To Clean Marble Floor Tiles

How To Clean Marble Floor Tiles

Marble Stones are the result of geological miracle. Miracles always have their own demands and therefore who so ever possess it must know how to clean the marble floor tiles. Marbles are a beautiful and luxurious piece of décor which are being used for flooring since ages. The travertine and limestone in marble makes it so porous and a constant dust collector.

Therefore any harsh chemical can damage it. It is completely up to you that how long you can maintain it. There are different ways to clean a wide variety of marble. Marble can easily restore its gloss if cleaned once. Natural marble never looses its luster. An example is Taj Mahal, well recognized structure of the world still possess its gloss.

Why is marble so susceptible to dirt and stain?

Marble is naturally soft and porous to absorb the dirt and chemicals. Therefore it is recommended to use natural material for this.

Things which can easily leave their mark on marble flooring are

  • Orange or tomato juice
  • Acid. Marble is calcium carbonate which easily reacts with acid and therefore highly dangerous for marble floor tiles.
  • Dirt
  • Mud
  • Even water can also leave its mark on your beautiful marble flooring.
  • Abrasive materials like iron almirah or furniture can leave scratches on marble flooring.

How to clean the marble floor tiles?

Always make use of ineffective and non-toxic cleanser for marble floor tiles. The best way is to use natural products for cleansing purpose.

  • Routinely sweep your marble floor to remove dirt and dust.
  • Scrub the floor with brush such that you do not leave any stretch mark on the marble flooring.
  • In order to avoid the water marks, always wipe it dry. Make use of dry fluffy towel to dry the floor.
  • Remove your shoes before entering into a marble floor house.
  • Do not procrastinate the cleaning of spills otherwise it becomes hard to remove the stain left by the spills.
  • Make use of warm water to clean and mop the marble floor tiles.
  • Neutral pH marble cleaners are available in the marble. Make use of such products to clean marble floors.
  • Frequently seal and polish the marble flooring. It helps in protecting the marble floor from dirt and other things which leaves the stains. Always use best quality polishes and sealants. Where needed take help of interior decorator. Do not seal or wax white marble to maintain their natural white gloss. Instead make use of white chalk to polish the marble floor.
  • Special care must be taken for bathroom marble flooring as it is exposed to several things such as soaps, shampoos, after shave lotion, washing detergents, to name a few.
  • Keep wiping your kitchen table top if it is made up of marble. Wipe the spills immediately it happen as it easily leaves its mark on marble. Be concerned about the items kept on the kitchen slab as they can be of acid or base. Kitchen utensils are equally harmful as they can leave the scratch on marble.
  • Make use of solvent based sealants during installation or restoration.

Things to avoid in the marble floor cleaning process

Harsh chemicals can easily damage most important part of your house décor that is marble floor. You can also make a diluted solution of the mentioned cleaner to avoid its harsh effect. Mix the cleaner or detergent in lukewarm water which has its own cleaning properties.

  • Vinegar as it is an acid and therefore harmful for the marble floor tiles. Similarly avoid lemon. You can use baking soda to deteriorate the acidic property of vinegar and lime. Still refer to expert advice before going for it.
  • Detergents
  • Soaps
  • Avoid cleaners which are abrasive and contain alcohol or ammonia. One such cleaner is Ajax. Avoid it to clean marble floor tiles. You must be aware of how to clean the marble floor tiles or your marble will loose its texture after sometime. Even a single stain can leave a mark on your image whereas just a few minutes of hard work can bring your marble floor back to new.
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