Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Bathroom

Low Water Pressure in Your Bathroom

Low water pressure in your bathroom can be a nuisance for even the simplest usage task; from taking a shower to brushing your teeth. Oftentimes these plumbing issues happen without warning and other times your home piping system will show signs that inadequate water levels may occur inside your lines if you are able to read the symptoms.

The washroom is one of the main areas that is usually affected inadequate water supply and given the overwhelming need that bathroom faucets, shower heads, toilets and sinks have good flow, slow liquid movement can make using your bathroom much more difficult or in some extreme cases, unusable.

However, in many instances the reduced stream of hydro is blamed on outside causes and the real problem goes overlooked, because some homeowners often believe that it is caused by the utility company instead of their own home plumbing system.

Poor Plumbing Design Produces Less Water Power

The truth is that in many cases a reduction in the flow is caused by the poor plumbing design or oversights in their household piping system (mainly letting repairs lax for too long).

If you do not know how to diagnose and fix bad water compress ion and it goes on overlooked for an extended period of time, these water supply problems can push up your utility bill in ways that you never imagined possible, not to mention the hidden water damage from leaks in your piping system.

However, once you know how to troubleshoot water-main problems, then it will be easy to identify supply line complications and improve poor flow to enjoy your bathing facility the way it was intended to be used. Low water pressure in your bathroom is often a sign that something is wrong somewhere along your water channel or at the source of the intended fixture.

Corroded Pipes Can Contribute to Loss of Water Force

Pipes do become corroded after many years of use due to the substances that are present in the water and also chemical exchanges with the atmosphere. When a pipe is corroded there will be various weak points along the circuit that high incoming water current can develop tiny leaks and ultimately lead to a reduction in the flow.

If this infrastructure problem is not handled quickly, then the homeowner runs the risk of ruining their entire house with leakage problems and also paying a hefty water bill month after month not to mention the horrors of black mold in their home.

One of the easiest ways to check for low water pressure in your bathroom caused by corroded pipes is to observe the water flow: a inconsistent stream, backed with unexplained shortages are signs that your woes is being caused by leakages along your conduits. Listen for hissing noises or dripping sounds when you turn on your faucets.

You may also install leak detection instruments along your plumbing lines to pinpoint the weak areas. The best way of alleviating the issues caused by leaks is by changing out the pipe lines after identifying the weak points that are present.

Your Pipes Location Affects the Strength of Your Fluid Flow

One of the things that you may notice if you have many bathing ares in your home is that the facility on the first floor or closer to it usually has the highest current while the others don’t run as well.

The reason for this is simple: your hydo provider generally supplies water at a very high pressure; however, once it begins to move throughout your house it loses a lot of kinetic energy due to the many curves and pipe fittings it has to pass through.

This is also the case of the reduction in the flow of liquid when the water needs to climb conduits to get to different floors in your home. Water compression booster systems are generally used in homes that have many floors to improve poor water current and avoid any lessening of speed as it climbs uphill in your pipes.

Too Much Demand Reduces the Amount of Liquid in the System

Demand for water usage is another factor that contributes to water constraints in your residence. The more pipes you have being fed from your central water line, the less force you will eventually have at the end of each outlet destination.

This can be clearly seen in homes that use the same pipe line to supply the bathroom and the laundry area. When the washing machine is in operation then there is a great drop in water pressure being supplied to the bathroom and the end result is poor water supply to the shower.

If bathing facility and laundry room are used simultaneously on a frequent basis, then the best approach would be to change the plumbing configuration and ensure that your washroom is fed from its own water supply. This will reduce the chances of a poor bathing experience if washing your clothes at the same time is not an option.

Faulty Faucets Add up to Less Efficient PSI

Faucets and showerheads, like pipes, get worn out and do create problems after many years of use if they are not maintained or replaced. If you are losing water at the base of the faucet you will experience inadequate flow even though the incoming fluid pressure is high.

This is usually caused by worn joints and fittings that no longer have enough compressive force to keep the surrounding area water-tight and thus guarantee a suitable stream. You can easily fix this common problem caused by leaking faucets and showerheads simply by replacing them all together or replacing washers that are no longer functional.

If on the other hand, the low water pressure in your bathroom is a result of being in a geographical area with naturally low force per unit area, you can overcome this nuisance by purchasing low water pressure faucets and showerheads that accelerate the flow of water at the fixture to compensate for less efficient fluid strength in your bath.

There are also low flow water saving showerheads on the market that can help you save money as well as reduce H20 usage without sacrificing the bathing experience, so you can still enjoy you daily shower while saving on your water bill.

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in Your Home

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