Commode Chair for the Shower

Shower Chair With Wheels

Shower chairs are special kinds of chairs designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable bath time. These chairs are used mostly for the injured, elderly, and the mobility-challenged. There are many types of shower chairs, and each of these styles has a unique purpose to accomplish.

For instance, if you are looking for a shower chair with a reliable and strong support system, a recommended choice for you is a chair with a back support and sturdy armrests. Some of these chairs are folded, so if you live in a cramped space, a folding chair can be a good idea.

Aside from those styles, one design that dealers almost always have is a wheeled shower chair. Wheeled chairs are often the choice of caregivers whose patients have difficulty walking or moving from one place to another. With a wheeled shower chair, the patient can be easily be lifted in and out of the chair, and can be conveniently transported from the bathroom to another room.

But as much as wheeled shower chairs have advantages over other designs, we cannot discount the fact that they can also pose some risks and dangers.

Commode Shower Chairs with Toilet Capabilities for the Elderly

One of the biggest problems faced by older people when showering is the chance they may be unable to stop themselves from going to the toilet in the middle of washing.

As we get on in years, our bowel movements can begin to be irregular and there’s little that can be done to stop them sometimes.

The answer to this concern and problem is the introduction of a commode shower chair with special toilet capabilities.

With this apparatus, the elderly person can concentrate on washing the body without needing to quickly hop out of the shower and to the toilet. The time it can take very frail elderly people to dry off and walk across the bathroom can be too much and the resulting mess will result in extra cleaning and a loss of dignity.

Commode Chair For showering

Many commode chairs that are used for regular toilet trips can also be used in the shower environment depending on their specified capabilities.

Designs differ and these are made to accommodate the various different uses and needs that elderly people require. Some chairs come with wheels which make the job of a carer all the easier, as well as reducing the need for the occupant to stand or move so much

Bariatric Shower Chairs

Mobile Bariatric Shower Chairs For the heavier elderly person, a bariatric shower chair is going to be the most suitable addition to a bathroom setting.

When extra weight and gift is concerned, some shower chairs for the elderly might not be suitable due to arm width and weight restrictions.

This leaves a larger person with fewer choices and can be a frustrating endeavor to find a chair that suits their needs. The bariatric chair solves these problems in one go.

Most bariatric shower chairs can hold weights up to 550 pounds, which is a hell of a lot, and thus will suit the vast majority of people’s requirements.

The majority are created in the style of regular shower transfer chairs and this helps the heavier elderly person move in and out of a shower or bathtub in a more dignified and relaxed way. Strong suction cups make sure the bench will not move when it is in use.

The shower chairs of this type are made from a combination of strengthened plastic and stainless steel. The plastic forms the seat and back whilst the steel provides the framework and legs which give tremendous strength to the chair. Another benefit of these materials is that they are extremely easy to clean and the plastic is comfortable against the skin.

If you or someone you know is elderly, infirm, and decidedly overweight, then a bariatric shower chair is going to be a highly functional and welcome piece of equipment for shower and bath time. Many can be folded up as well and thus stored away, saving space, and also allowing the chair to be hidden away when guests visit.

It is important to have safety measures included. One of the things you could include in the bathroom is the shower grab bars and a teak shower mat.

The Advantages of a Tilt-in-Space Shower Commode Chair

When caring for a patient that is immobilized there are many difficulties in bathing that can create dangerous situations, not only for the patient but also for the caregiver. Shower chairs are known to help reduce such situations, and in some cases eliminate them completely.

A specialized shower chair referred to as the “Tilt-in-Space” shower chair has many dangers reducing advantages that should be considered when caring for an immobilized patient.

To begin with, the tilt-in-space shower chair provides a more secure position for the patient. The reclined position is much more secure than a sitting-up position as the caregiver does not have to hold the immobilized patient upright while attempting to bathe them.

The patient simply lounges back comfortably without any assistance or effort from the caregiver. Also, with immobilized patients, it is often times necessary to use a hoist to move the patient. The angled or reclined position of the tilt-in-space shower chair makes it much easier to move the patient from hoist to chair.

Even more …

The patient isn’t the only one who benefits from a tilt-in-space shower chair. The caregiver will appreciate this product as well. The recline of the tilt-in-space shower chair allows the caregiver to have much better access to the patient, which benefits in two ways:

1)It allows for better posture for the caregiver, reducing the risk of back pain.
2)It allows for better contact with the patient. Better contact between patient and caregiver has untold benefits, ranging from improved morale for the patient to less physical exertion by the caregiver.

If you are a caregiver and working with an immobilized patient, a tilt-in-space shower commode chair should be something to consider in order to give you and your patient a safer and more pleasant bathing experience.

The Convenience Of Shower Commode Chairs

A shower commode chair is a convenient piece of furniture for those who find it difficult to stand for the period of time required when taking a shower, or for those who need to be wheeled in. This can be for many reasons such as recent hospitalization, being elderly, handicapped, or other things.

An extended water hose and faucet make it very easy to control the water temperature and shut it on and off as needed. It can be used by the individual or by an aide who is assisting. This works very well with a wheelchair-type shower commode.

Over the past few years, the construction of these chairs has improved remarkably. In the past one size fit all but that is no longer the case. They are now available in a number of sizes and can fit people with sizes from small to very large.

These chairs are designed to allow easy removal of bedpans for cleaning. In addition, some models have removable arms and detachable or adjustable footrests. The push handles are conveniently placed for moving the chair.

With the many different styles and types of chairs available it’s possible for one to find exactly what is needed for special situations. Adjustable chairs are very good for people who have difficulty sitting up straight or in other positions. They are easily movable with their large, well-oiled, wheels and can be securely stopped with an excellent brake mechanism.

Chairs available with wheels, similar to a wheelchair, are very popular. They are comfortable and can be maneuvered easily. It is easy to find a suitable chair today to fit anyone’s needs.

Is a shower chair with wheels dangerous?

For one, these chairs do not always have a reliable stop or brake system. The brakes should make the chair immovable or stable in place, but some can easily come off, which leads to accidents and injuries.

It is also best that a patient must not be left alone especially in a wheeled shower chair. Because of the wheels, the chair can move freely, so the chair in itself does not give sturdy support should the patient wish to stand or move his body up a little.

Also, most of the parts of wheeled shower chairs are metal, which with their hard surface, can hurt the patient. In addition, though the footrest serves a good purpose, it can sometimes be the cause of tripping, which results to injury and other accidents.

That said, before you settle for a wheeled shower chair, it is imperative to decide whether or not your patient really needs one. And if he does need one, here are some things to consider.

  • First, make sure that the chair has an efficient lock or brake system. Test also if the wheels can generate enough friction so they will not easily slide on bathroom floors and tub surfaces.
  • Second, decide whether the foot rest is necessary. If not, there are always wheeled bath chairs that do not come with this part.
  • Next, check if the seat is properly padded and that all the parts that come in contact with the skin are covered with soft materials. Also, check for presence of sharp edges and other imperfections which can potentially hurt your
  • Last, double check all the connections and make sure that the whole chair is stable enough. You do not want any loose hinges and gears that may cause instability, and thus injury, to the patient.

Are shower chairs for disabled People only?

Whether or not you are disabled or elderly, the bathroom can be one of the most accident-prone areas in the home. Tiles can become slippery when wet, posing a hazard for anyone. The situation becomes worse for the disabled or elderly, and taking a shower can be a real challenge.

Types of Shower Chairs for the Disabled

To accommodate different types of disabilities, there are several types of chairs designed to cater to the needs of the handicapped and elderly. Here are the most common types of shower chairs that can provide security and safety to disabled and elderly individuals.

Mounted or Fold-up Seats

This type of shower chair is ideal for people who are not severely disabled. A fold-up chair can be mounted on the wall of the shower area. This simple chair can be used by someone on crutches or a wheelchair. The chair can also be folded down while in use, and folded away when no longer in use. Older people may also find this type of chair useful.

Stationary or Free-standing

There are different designs of stationary shower chairs for disabled and elderly persons. For the most part, they are designed to fit easily into a bath tub or shower cubicle.

Shower chairs for disabled persons are usually made from plastic and come with strong metal legs. They are easy to clean, comfortable, and rustproof. Teak wood is also used extensively in these types of chairs made especially for those with limited abilities. Teak, like plastic, is durable and not easily affected by water.

The base of each chair leg is usually fitted with rubber suction cups. This prevents the shower chair from sliding inside the tub or shower. In most cases, the shower chair legs can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and heights of disabled persons.

Benefits of using a shower chair with wheels

• Safety – This is the biggest benefit offered by shower chairs for the disabled. With this type of chair, you can sit down and have a nice, long shower without worrying that you might slip and fall. Even caregivers feel more confident and secure when they have a chair for shower to help the person they are caring for.

• Relaxation – Bathing or showering should be a relaxing experience. You cannot relax if you are constantly watching out to avoid falling or slipping. This type of chair will allow a disabled person to relax and enjoy a warm bath or shower. Strategically installed hand grips will help a disabled person transfer easily from a wheelchair to a shower chair.

• Dignity – Those with disabilities having feelings too and ought to be treated the same as any other person. Shower chairs for disabled will help the elderly use the bathroom with dignity, ease, and comfort.

Wheelchair Showers for the Elderly

Wheelchair showers for the elderly are the best option to make bathing easier for your parents, grandparents, or for any family member with a handicap.

Handicap baths or wheelchair showers are especially made to meet the needs of the disabled during bathing. There is a foldable seat installed inside the shower so the patient can sit comfortably while showering. The shower is handheld for easier access. In addition, there is a handrail around the shower to help the patient move around without slipping. These wheelchair showers also have no barriers so the patient can easily come and go. You can choose from vinyl curtains or foldable plastic doors for cover.

If you are planning to purchase wheelchair showers for your home, you should contact leading manufacturers in the field for top quality products. Most manufacturers conduct free home survey to help you choose what kind of shower is the best for your home. You can also search the Internet for companies offering wheelchair showers installation. From there, you can choose from a variety of designs and features (e.g. height of the shower, area of the shower, tiles to be used inside) for your walk in shower.

Wheelchair showers can be delivered in as fast as three days. In addition, these showers are very easy to install so you do not have to make major house renovations.

Bathing need not be stressful. With these showers, you can help bring back the relaxation of taking a bath. If you have an elderly in the house or a family member with a handicap, then this addition is definitely necessary in your home. It is also a great investment for when you get old or when you get in an accident. Make your home more handicap-friendly. Be safe and best of luck with your shower shopping.

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