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How Does a Shower Transfer Bench Chair Help the Elderly?

A shower transfer bench chair for the elderly is similar in many regards to a regular shower chair. It provides a safe and secure apparatus for an elderly person to sit on during showering or bathing.

The main difference between the two, however, is that the transfer bench chair is longer and is used primarily for bathtub-based showers.

The aim of this longer version is to help the older person comfortably move into the bathtub without needing to stand, strain, and risk injury.

Benefits of a Transfer Bench Chair

Shower transfer benches offer a variety of benefits that make a showering or bathing session all the easier and enjoyable. Anyone looking after a disabled older person will find this type of shower chair an invaluable part of their bathroom equipment.

Most varieties are simple to work with and involve simply maneuvering the lightweight frame and seat over the edge of the bathtub and making sure it is steady and on a level.

So how does the transfer bench chair work?

It basically involves the elderly lady or gentleman sitting on the part of the seat which is outside of the bath and then sliding across and onto the part of the seat which is inside the bathtub.

The seating area is either continuous or built on rails, and thus negates the need for the older person to stand. Whether living alone or taking showers under the guidance of a family member, the transfer bench chair will allow the elderly person a greater amount of freedom and dignity when washing.

Transfer bench chair Designs

Shower transfer bench chairs are available in various different designs. This means you will be able to find one which will suit your bathroom style, physical needs, and any other requirements.

Most come with seats that can be adjusted height-wise as well as some that can turn 180 degrees or more. These qualities make shower time even easier and lessen the need to stretch, which can cause bodily damage. Padded seats are frequently included as well.

A good quality transfer bench will last you for many years and thus it is important to find one which is strong, has good buyer reviews, and has all the particular accessories you know you’ll need.



Shower Chairs for Elderly

As we grow older tasks that once were easy and sometimes seen as mundane become more difficult and even dangerous. Bathing is one of those tasks that not only becomes more difficult as we age but also becomes more jeopardous. The reason for the danger in bathing on wet surfaces.

Wet surfaces create a slipping and falling hazard even for the most sure-footed of folks; but when you combine a wet surface with age-induced instability, you have a potential disaster. One way of reducing the danger associated with elderly bathing is by having them use a shower chair. A shower chair can add three things to an elderly person’s bathing experience.

1) Safety

The most important aspect of a shower chair for the elderly is the increase in safety. By adding a shower chair in the shower a person no longer has to stand up for the entirety of the bath. A person can sit down thereby lowering their center of gravity and reducing the chances of a fall into the hard tile or porcelain.

The majority of shower chairs are built and customized to add even more safety to the shower. For instance, some chairs are designed to keep their edges outside of the shower. This not only removes potential hazards if there was a fall but also makes it much easier to get in and out of the shower easier.

2) Peace of Mind

Having a shower chair for the elderly lets them feel more comfortable during a bathing experience. It helps to preserve their dignity by increasing their independence. For some elderly folks, a shower chair is all they will need in order to bathe properly without any assistance at all. This is the optimal solution for most elderly people.

No one likes having someone help them to remove their clothes and clean them off. It can be humiliating for most. With a shower chair, an elderly person can actually look forward to a relaxing shower or bath once again.

3) Comfort

As we grow older we lose the energy level we once had. We can grow tired simply by brushing our teeth. Taking a shower or bath is not any different. An elderly person can get very tired of having to stand for the entire time it takes to get clean. Or, if lying in a tub, it can be tiring to hold oneself upright in the awkward position that a bathtub demands. Adding a shower chair for the elderly gives them a comfortable place to rest as they are bathing.

A shower chair for elderly people is something that will not only make their lives safer but will also make their lives more comfortable. It is highly recommended that if you are or someone you love is elderly and having difficulty bathing, that you add a shower chair, tub bench, or any of the like to the bathroom. It is an item that will create a better life for the user.

The most trusted manufacturers of these shower seats include Drive medical, DR Kays’s, Carex, Medline, Vaunn, BetterLiving, and Oasis space.

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