Benefits of Using Teak Shower Caddy

Teak shower caddy

The shower caddies come in different types with the most common being teak, plastic, stainless steel, and portable mesh. Each of the caddies is designed to offer you convenience and comfort while in the bathroom. However, a teak shower caddy is prominent over the other types of showers due to its material flexibility.

The caddies are durable and sturdy but unlike stainless steel caddies, which are equally strong and durable, they do not rust. This ensures a beautiful, elegant, and stylish appearance in your bathroom without you worrying about rusting that is caused by the presence of water.

Teak Shower Caddy

Teak shower caddies are also prominent over plastic caddies, which are light and portable. This is because despite the plastic caddy being convenient, it is cheap as compared with the Teak Shower Caddy.

Therefore, teak shower caddies are more practical, elegant, and beautiful than the others, which makes them an elegant addition to your bathroom.

Factors to consider when choosing Teak Shower Caddy

Caddies come in various sizes and shapes with the most popular being caddies that fit at your bathroom corner. The variations make it possible to select a caddy that fits your needs. You should consider the items you would place on the caddy and the additional space you would need. The items should also give you features of your caddy such as the shelves and hooks you need.


You can find shower caddies with several tiers. These caddies are convenient for holding larger products and bottles such as shampoos, which make them convenient for people with several large beauty products.

You should also consider the hooks available on the caddy. The best caddy is the one that offers you several hooks that are convenient for holding washcloths.


You can choose between permanent caddies and portable caddies for your convenience. Most individuals prefer portable caddies due to their flexibility. You can alter their location or even remove them after a shower and use the space for other activities.

However, you should note that movable caddies’ designs are not permanent especially when several people frequent your bathroom. Therefore, it is necessary to have permanent caddies in bathrooms that are shared by several individuals.


You should ensure your caddy is easy to clean irrespective of its sophistication or simplicity. You should also ensure the caddies are easy to drain the extra water at the bottom.

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