Types of Bathroom Curtains

Types of Bathroom Curtains

Although there are many different options for curtains, we wanted to provide information pertaining to the most popular types of bathroom window curtains. As you look over the various options, you may very well find something that appeals to you but if not, remember you have many other possibilities.

However, this list of popular choices exists for a reason. These curtains are typically the types that look best in bathrooms, which is why they have withstood the test of time.

• Pinch Pleated Bathroom Curtains – If you have a traditional style bathroom, then you would probably prefer pinch pleated curtains. These curtains are made with permanent pleats, which have actually been stitched into place so even when washed, the pleats never come out. When shopping for curtains of this type, we suggest you look for those that not only have the pleats stitched but also professionally pressed. Although you can find a few pinch pleat bathroom curtains designed so the pleats only occur toward the top, most often the pleats run the full length of the curtains for a more cohesive loo.

• Grommet Top Curtains – In this case, the curtains have been made with grommets at the top, which are large. Because of this, the curtain rod simply slips through the grommet and then placed onto the brackets. Grommet top bathroom window curtains are often one color and while somewhat simplistic in style, they have a modern twist that is very attractive.

• Flowing Curtains – Typically, flowing bathroom curtains are used for casual or traditional bathrooms. These curtains are usually made from a flowing polyester blend that creates a light and airy look. Rather than fit over a rod as with other types of bathroom curtains, flowing curtains usually drape over the rod. Again, these curtains are simple yet they add a touch of charm and elegance.

• Rod Pocket Curtains – If you want to create a more formal and sophisticated look in your bathroom, rod pocket curtains are an ideal solution. For these curtains, a pocket of material has been created at that top through which the rod fits. If wanted, you can purchase rod pocket curtains that have an additional two to three inches of the material above the pocket so when pulled open, they have a great look.

• Tab Top Curtains – The last option we wanted to mention is the tab top bathroom window curtains. In this case, the design consists of looped tabs of material spaced about every two to four inches apart instead of a pocket. The curtain rod would simply slip through each tab, which gives the bathroom window a trendy yet casual look. In addition, tab top curtains are often a popular choice for people who prefer to make bathroom curtains as opposed to buying them because they are relatively easy to make.

As mentioned, you have far more options than those mentioned above but these are the ones that are commonly used. Because these curtains work with so many room styles, they are in fact timeless.

Choosing and Buying Curtain Rods

When you are choosing which curtains you want to install in your home you have to consider many things from the color, style, fabric, and placement. If those curtains still don’t match the rest of your style then your interior design will suffer.

Curtains not only have a cosmetic appeal but they also keep out light and heat while preserving your privacy. But once you have wonderful curtains you should consider finding attractive curtains rods to match. You certainly don’t want your beautiful curtains sitting on curtain rods that are not attractive.

It is recommended by most interior designers that you choose different curtains rods for the different rooms in your home. Not only because it will add appeals to the different rooms but also because one rod may be appealing with one type of curtains but not another.

The look will get dull if you have the same pattern and stitching everywhere you look. Variety is the best way to avoid having your design look stale. It is important to try and add something a little different to each window so that it has an appeal all its own.

There will be a lot of styles of curtain rods to choose from so you are going to have to decide what style and look you are going for. Do you want a look that is more classic and traditional or more modern and unconventional? When you are at the store looking at the curtain rods you should try and picture each one in your home and paired with your curtains.

Imagine what feeling will be in your home if you choose those rods and is it a feeling that you want. Your interior design will invoke feelings in yourself and your visitors so it is important to consider what you want that feeling to be and if your design will accomplish that. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in your own home.

Buying your new curtain rods is the next step. You know what you want and now you need to know where to get it. Many websites these days are selling a variety of styles of rods online. But as with purchasing anything on the Internet, you should do some research into the company itself. Buying from only the most reputable companies will ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Many of these websites will have so many designs to choose from you can get distracted. Focus on what you want and don’t be tempted to buy something that you see for a moment and look for what you really need instead. Compare websites for the price and shipping costs as well, you might find the exact same curtain rods at a much better price.

You can also buy curtain rods in home improvement stores. If you ask where you can find the rods for drapes and curtains. The employee will take you right to the section you’re looking for and you can make sure that they have what you need.

Look at everything they are offering and be sure it meets a high-quality standard so that you can be sure they will last a very long time. The right curtain rods can accent your interior design in a wonderful way, so be sure that you are finding the right curtain rods instead of just what’s popular or affordable at the moment.

Installing New Bathroom Window Curtains

The most important part of the new bathroom window curtains is the installation. Okay, most people think you simply pick a spot for the brackets, put the rod up, and then hang the curtains but in truth, this leads to an array of problems.

For one thing, you want your new curtains to look as if a professional had hung them, which in turn makes the entire room look amazing. As you will see from the information in this article, installing new bathroom curtains is not a major undertaking but it does require following proper steps.

Remember, when the new bathroom curtains are hung right, not only do they look gorgeous but you also avoid damaging the walls or even window frames by putting the brackets up wrong.

In addition, instead of the curtains falling down or starting to become lopsided, the proper installation would allow you to open and shut them daily without any movement. In other words, doing the installation the right way improves appearance, reduces potential damage, and provides seamless functionality.

Find the header or wall stud

The most important thing is finding the header or wall stud through which the screw for the brackets would be inserted. Typically, studs are evenly placed on either side of a bathroom window when the home is built but in older homes or in newer homes with a pool builder, this may not be the case.

Therefore, you may need to use hollow wall anchors. You cannot drill directly into the drywall since this material is not designed to hold weight. With an anchor, a tube made of plastic is inserted into the drywall and then into the plastic tube, the screw for the bracket inserted. That way, if the studs are not evenly spaced, you can place the brackets so they are, regardless.

In most homes, the bathroom window height is the same as the door height. Therefore, you would need to install the curtains so the top is even with the top of the window.

However, if your bathroom window happens to be lower than the door, simply adjust where the brackets would be installed so once the new bathroom window curtains are hung, they are even to the top of the door. This creates a much more balanced and cohesive look, which helps pull the entire appearance of the room together.

Another thing to consider is that if the window is extremely narrow, you can create the illusion of width simply by inserting the brackets so they are drilled further out on the wall away from the window frame. Again, once you hang your new bathroom window curtains, the fabric would extend much further out from the frame, immediately making the room look larger. There are a number of secrets such as this that can enhance installing of bathroom curtains so if you have a “problem window”, do not worry as solutions are always available.

One last note is that if you have an old home whereby the walls are made of plaster, you will need to be extremely cautious when hanging brackets for your new curtains. Since plaster is actually a very fragile material, a small drill would need to be used to drill a pilot hole, followed by using a slightly larger drill so you can get a plastic wall anchor inserted. For a project such as this, make sure to take your time so you end up with a stronghold for the curtains but also no damage to the plaster wall.

Top Companies For Bathroom Curtains

Because there are so many different companies to consider, the process of choosing just one can be a little overwhelming. For that reason, we wanted to offer some recommendations on some of the companies that sell bathroom curtains that we feel have the best reputation but also those with a nice selection.

That way, no matter your preferred style, you will find an array of possibilities. Keep in mind, this list is specific to internet shopping so there are a few other companies that you may like locally.

• Martha Stewart – You can always find a nice selection of bathroom window curtains, shower curtains, and other bathroom items from Martha Stewart and in most cases, the prices are very affordable. These choices are beautiful and the quality is well worth the month.

• Pottery Barn – Although sometimes the price for products is a little higher than some people may want to pay, the selection is fabulous and the fabrics exquisite. Whether looking for something sophisticated or casual, more than likely you could find it on Pottery Barn’s website.

• Crate and Barrel – Another popular online store for bathroom curtains is Crate and Barrel, which has built a solid reputation over the years for excellence. The prices are reasonable and again, the selection is vast so you would have no problem finding exactly what you need.

• Linenplace.com – At this online store, you will find wonderful choices and the nice thing is that the prices are good but you also have a huge selection of bathroom curtains and other items with a high thread count. That means the product is quality and a great investment.

• Best Bath and Beyond – Although you more than likely have this particular store locally, they also have a great website with an array of bathroom curtains, shower curtains, accessories, and more. In addition, this company often has great sales so if you need to stick to a budget without sacrificing on quality and selection, you may want to browse the site.

• Linen Source – Another great choice with mid-level to high-end brands for bathroom window curtains, shower curtains, rugs, and more. The rates are reasonable and shipping is very affordable.

• Kohls – We wanted to throw Kohls into the mix because this company is known for providing customers with great choices. To save even more money when shopping for bathroom curtains and other related items is to sign up as a customer, which in turn will yield coupons that can be used locally or on their website.

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