Showerhead 101: The Ultimate Buying Guide

types of shower heads

If you are interested to update your bathrooms, one of the plain things that you should invest in is really a perfect showerhead. For taking a concrete conception, read the following reviews carefully and I believe it will be very much easy to make a perfect decision for you personally.

The shower tends to be the main emphasis of all home bathrooms, and showerheads can really make a shower shine when it comes to style and functionality. There are many advantages to using a showerhead.

The design of your shower head is going with the décor associated with the bathroom. You’ll find square ones, flat shapes, round types plus many others. A shower head that is chrome will praise most color schemes and can reflect light nicely.

Your search for the best shower head ends here. You can find shower head reviews of all shapes & sizes. This guide is created to help you make decisions about choosing the perfect shower head for your need.

Types of Shower Heads

There are so many types of showerheads available in the marketplace. Making the decision on what kind of shower you will possess these days is not always easy.

Based on your present bathroom configuration plus water stress you won’t possess the freedom to select whatever you want. Therefore, make sure you read the manufacturer’s label prior to deciding to buy a new shower head.

1. Hand Held Shower Heads:

Handheld showerheads provide you with the flexibility to clean much better in those difficult-to-reach places. Hands-held heads are excellent for children or even the elderly with restricted flexibility.

Some portable showers include a wall mounting clip to help you to use it as a classical wall-mounted device, but these can be a little bit lose.

The most recent pattern of “mixture” showerhead means you do not need to compromise. You can have a durable wall-mounted head in addition to a handheld head, and change together as needed.

The very best handheld shower head I’ve found presently for sale may be the Ana Bath 5 Functionality Handheld Showerhead System. It is a beautifully created shower head finished in a stainless finish.

2. Rain Shower Heads:

Rain showerheads are made to give a showering experience like standing in the torrential rain just, but a lot warmer. Rain showers are extremely relaxing plus calming a far more mild water flow compared to the conventional shower spray pattern. The particular rain shower head offers you that organic feel of the rainfall pouring down on you.

There is nothing more calming while taking a good warm shower when you have the water decreasing on you like your standing up out in the torrential rain. Choosing a rainfall showerhead is something you need to experience at least one time in life and just might love the water flow they launch. Moen Velocity S6320 Rain Showerhead is among the best rain shower heads right now.

3. Wall Mounted Shower Heads:

The most fashionable type may be the wall-mounted shower head plus they come almost each and every home. If you currently have a wall-mounted shower head, then you can certainly improve your own with a more recent design with an improved style and better quality.

Probably the most distinct function associated with this kind of showerhead may be the finish. It could be polished chrome, silk, essential oil rubbed bronze or others.

It can have multiple or single spray patterns, which may consist of wide, concentrated, mist, and pulsating designs. The pulsating plus concentrated designs develop a massage effect.

Speakman Hotel Anystream Flexible Shower Head is among the best wall-installed shower heads right now. This showerhead includes various coatings which range from this chrome to nickel and brass.

4. LED Shower Heads:

LED shower heads can truly add some light, color, and fun to your shower experience. Depending on the model, some LED heads changes color in line with the water temperature of the bath – red for hot, green for comfortable & glowing blue for cold! Other versions enable you to switch between your “temperature” mode and random colors, on your own private dance celebration in the shower.

Furthermore well worth looking at with regard to the LED showerheads is how the light is powered. Some are battery-driven, while some produce their own power from the water stress. Dream Spa All-Chrome Water Temperature Color-Changing LED Showerhead is one of the best LED showerheads at the moment.

5. Shower Heads Along with Speakers:

A showerhead with speakers enables you to enjoy your preferred music in the shower. After all, who doesn’t really like an excellent sing within the shower? Various shower speakers have various connection options, which range from a simple AM/FM stereo to more complex models with a Bluetooth connection to stream all of your favorite tunes from the cell phone.

The H20Vibe is really a fully polished chrome jet that just makes having a shower with this particular baby memorable. Enjoy having the next shower with not only the stream of an effective yet flexible jet of water but also of thumping songs from mounted loudspeakers inside this showerhead.

6. Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads:

Ceiling-mounted heads have become common with regard to people today who are searching for more space within the shower. They’re an excellent alternative shower head with regard to taller those who are looking to get more space within the shower. It is simple to change any wall-mounted shower right into a ceiling shower plus may simply be achieved with the American Regular 10-Inches Modern Rainfall Easy Clean Showerhead.

Ceiling mounted mind allows even more space for taller individuals even though any bath head could be walls or ceiling installed, it really is typically done with larger bath heads for aesthetic purposes. One great shower head-to-ceiling attach will be the American Regular 10″ Modern Rainfall Shower Head.

7. Kids Shower Heads:

This type of showerhead supplies the user with a number of different spray water plus water pressures as well. The settings are usually changed by switching the shower head clockwise or counterclockwise to the required water pressure plus spray option.

The range associated with children shower heads astonishes specifically the handheld showerheads that have a few of the cutest and funniest bath hoses plus shower heads you will most likely want one yourself.

One of the current top-selling shower heads with regard to kids may be the popular Rubber Ducky Shower Head. This cute hose and head may be the perfect item to help your children have more fun in the bathroom.

8. High-Pressure Shower Heads:

The high-pressure shower heads naturally run at 2 gallons each and every minute and up. With some durable cleaning in mind, high-pressure shower heads can simply decrease the bath-taking period by up to 50%. Unlike the reduced flow showerhead, a higher pressure shower head shower may feel really calming when in the correct setting.

In this group, the top pick and choose to get the best shower head (with elevated pressure) may be the Speakman Icon Anystream High-Pressure Adjustable Showerhead. The Speakman includes 6 flexible settings which offer you 6 diverse spray patterns.

9. Chlorine Filtering Shower Heads:

In most areas, plain tap water is treated with chlorine to create it secure to drink but also for people with quite a few pores and skin conditions such as dermatitis. The chlorine within the water can dry your skin and trigger your eczema in order to “flare up”.

For this reason, many eczema victims are installing the chlorine filtration system on the showerhead, to eliminate this nasty chemical substance from shower water.

Of the many showerheads that filter chlorines, the very best one I have found undoubtedly needs to be the real Culligan Wall-Mount Filtered Showerhead. This particular showerhead gives no compromises, supplying a near-ideal purification of chlorine 99%.

10. Adjustable Shower Heads:

This kind of shower head supplies the consumer with a number of different spray options plus water stresses as well. The settings are usually changed simply by turning the shower head clockwise or even counterclockwise to the required water pressure plus spray option.

Specifically ideal for families plus tall individuals the particular adjustable height indicates everyone might have an ideal shower.

Among the best things, a family could spend money on an adjustable shower head. The most popular adjustable shower head is Delta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology, Chrome.

11. Double Shower Heads:

A double Showerhead is also known as a Dual Showerhead but it is not always like a double shower head. A Dual Shower Head is frequently connected but a Double Shower Head is almost constantly a separate unit.

The difference is a double shower head is an excellent choice for just two individuals while a dual shower head system is way better for the one who wants more handle over their shower.

The Neptune Double Shower Head System is the top selection inside the duel shower head category. This specific system has a three-way spray system that may change from “smooth” spray, in order to a difficult high-pressure spray.

12. Novelty Shower Heads:

Novelty showerhead certainly is a grand way to include some amusing for the kids. Or possibly as a funny present for anyone who has a preferred cartoon character.

An inexpensive and fun head is actually a great method to introduce a kid to bathing within the bath once they are usually old enough to avoid utilizing the bathtub.

In this group, I actually like the Rinse Ace “My Own Shower” for a true number of reasons. First of all, kids absolutely think it’s great – it means they are able to step into the bath with their mother or even dad and also have water at their height.

Four Key Questions When Choosing Showerheads

Whether you spell it showerhead or showerhead, installing a new one can do more for you than just fixing that slow running or even leaky shower head you have been using for the last few years.

How many times have you tried to remove the buildup that grows around the exit of the showerhead, only to have the same grime come back just a few days later? Once your showerheads have gotten to this point, replacing them can save you the time and frustration of removing those calcium and hard water deposits over and over again.

Or maybe you are remodeling or upgrading your bathroom and have gotten around to thinking about the kind of shower you want.

In either case, when considering a new shower head, you should ask four key questions:

  1. Do I want a regular or low-flow showerhead
  2. Do I want to be fixed or handheld?
  3. Do I want single or multiple showerheads?
  4. Where do I want to mount the showerhead or heads?

Regular or Low Flow Showerheads?

Showers use water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates a five-minute shower can use up to 25 gallons of water. That’s 5 gallons of water a minute. And some older showerheads put out 6 to 8 gallons of water a minute, meaning a five-minute shower could use up to 40 gallons of water a minute.

Water costs money. Most studies report that about 20% of your home water bill is spent on the shower water. A low-flow showerhead is a way to save money on home water use. Water-saving showerheads also help the environment by conserving a precious resource.

A low-flow showerhead typically uses 2.5 gallons per minute or less, meaning a five-minute shower will use about 12.5 gallons of water. That means using a low-flow showerhead can reduce your shower water usage by 50%. Savings in water means additional savings in the gas or electricity you need for your hot water heater.

Additionally, some building codes now require you to install low-flow showerheads.

In the early days, low-flow showerheads got a bad rap because all they did was block some of the water flow. It was hard to get clean in a trickle of water. But engineering and manufacturing changes have led to newer heads that provide the water and pressure you need to take a decent shower.

Aerating and Non-aerating Low-flow Shower Heads

An aerating low flow showerhead works by mixing air into the water. This allows the water stream to have a steady pressure that gives the user a full, even spray.

A non-aerating shower head does not mix air into the water. This means the water stream is harder, giving a more pulsating or massaging-type spray. Because the air doesn’t cool the water, the water coming out of the head may be a little hotter than with the aerating type.

Most people prefer the aerating low-flow showerheads because of the softer, even water flow they provide.

Scalding Danger

There is one danger with low-flow showerheads – scalding. This can occur if, for example, if while you’re in the shower, someone flushes the toilet. While cold water is filling the toilet tank, the water pressure in the cold water pipes drops. Less cold water reaches the shower and suddenly the shower starts running mostly hot water.

This problem can be avoided with an anti-scald valve that senses water pressure differences, then balances the water flow. A more expensive option is a thermostatic mixer, which is a valve that adjusts for both water pressure and water temperature.

For more information about valves, read Shower Valve Choices

Typical low-flow showerheads can range in cost from US$8 to over US$50. The difference is in the quality of construction, finish, and options. Options can include styling, the number of jets, and adjustment choices. Models that are handheld will also cost a bit more.

Fixed or Handheld Showerhead?

The fixed showerhead is the type that attaches directly to the water pipe that comes out of the shower wall. Some fixed showerheads sit on a neck that lets you make some small adjustments to the position of the head. The water coming out of the head is typically adjusted with separate hot and cold water taps or you can install a special valve that lets you move a lever to adjust the hot and cold water.

Fixed shower heads are available that let you adjust the type of spray. These can include a regular, massage, or pulsating spray.

The handheld showerhead is simply a shower head attached to a flexible hose. The hose sits in a connection that is attached to the pipe in the wall. Using the flexible hose you can direct the water to different parts of your body as needed. The head part of the unit can also be bought with adjustments for different types of spray.

The handheld showerhead is preferred if you use a shower seat or shower chair in your shower because it lets you direct the water where you want it while remaining seated.

Installing either a fixed or handheld shower is usually a do-it-yourself job that can be done quickly.

Single or multiple showerheads?

Your typical shower has a single shower head that screws into the water pipe. The single head can be a standard head with the usual water pressure. But other options are available.

For example, the rain showerhead is very popular now. With this type of showerhead, the water pours down on you as if you were standing in the rain. They even make these with built-in LED lights that change colors.

There are also showerheads that deliver a fine mist in which to shower. Of course, there are also the adjustable heads that let you choose different types of water flow such as massage or pulsating.

What makes the difference is varying the number of nozzles in the showerhead and their size. Changing these two things varies the pressure and the amount of water that gets through. This creates water effects such as rainfall or a high-pressure massage-type shower.

But if you are remodeling or upgrading your shower, you may want to consider multiple showerheads. This can be done by having two or more water lines installed or by having two heads come off of one pipe. With two separate pipes, you can locate the shower heads on two different walls or overhead. Each head can be stationary or each can be handheld.

Multiple shower heads can provide a whole new showering experience. What’s more, each showerhead could be different such as a rain head on one and a massage head on the other.

If you’re a parent, one advantage of multiple shower heads is that you can wash two kids at once, saving time and getting them both clean. Two adults can also take advantage of dual shower heads, especially if each likes a different water temperature. And, of course, there are the romantic possibilities.

Where to Mount the Showerheads?

Most showerheads come out of the water pipe located along one shower wall. But other options for mounting shower heads are available. For example, we’ve already mentioned having a showerhead above you. Combine this with a rain-type shower head and you can feel like you’re taking a shower in the great outdoors.

Another option is to mount the showerhead on a vertical track so it can slide up and down. Since the height of the head can be adjusted, the shower can be enjoyed by people of different heights.

You can also mount the tracks on opposite walls. This creates a crisscross water stream. Just turn yourself around and enjoy your 360-degree shower.

How to Install a Shower Head

Replacing a Shower Head is a fairly easy job if you have patience and a pipe wrench. Take your time, check to make sure that the faucets are completely off and you have a traction mat in place if you are planning on standing in the bathtub.

There have been a number of innovations in Shower Heads in the last few years, so if your Shower Head is so old that you don’t know the last time it was changed out, you may be in for a surprise when you replace it. How do you know it’s time to make a change?

Is Time to Replace Your Shower Head?

If your Shower Head is more than seven years old, is discolored or brittle, or has leaks and unreliable flow despite regular maintenance, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Low flow alone, however, may be the result of a restriction in the line or a problem with your home’s pressure regulator. The best way to tell is to determine if the low flow is limited to the Shower Head, or involves water flow in other areas of your home.

The water quality in your area may also be having an impact on your Shower Head. Hard water leaves deposits that become harder and harder to remove over time. Delicate parts like screens and threads can wear out or be accidentally torn or scored as a result of repeated cleaning and washer replacement.

A seriously discolored shower head that is rusted or has a flaking finish has moved from the realm of old to something more sinister.

Older showerheads can be breeding grounds for germs; they are also notorious resource wasters. You may like the fact that the absence of a flow restrictor ensures that you have a satisfying full-bodied shower, but old Shower Heads can also be unsightly, dirty, leaky, and sputtering.

New shower head technology has been able to strike a good balance between conservation and good water flow. You should be able to find an excellent, reasonably priced Shower Head that will measure up to your high expectations while still saving the environment.

You’ll notice the difference in your next water bill, too. All that it takes is a little research and a half-hour plumbing job that doesn’t even require turning off the water to your home.

When appearance, cleanliness, leaking, or water flow problems become more than occasional inconveniences, accept it as a sign that it’s time for you to lead a greener life. Protect the planet while still getting a great shower by exploring some of the new low flow but high satisfaction Shower Heads on the market.

This Is What You’ll Need

For a Shower Head replacement, you will need a pipe wrench, a towel or length of electrical tape, and plumber’s tape.

Remove The Old Showerhead

In order to remove the old Shower Head, grasp the shower arm firmly and slowly unscrew the Shower Head counterclockwise using a pipe wrench.

If the Shower Head sticks because of rust or limescale buildup, try using two pipe wrenches, one on the gooseneck end and the other on the nut, working them in opposite directions.

For this job, you won’t have to turn off the water, but make sure that the area where you are standing is dry. If you are planning on reusing the Shower Head in another bathroom, protect the finish by wrapping it in a towel or length of electrical tape before you start working.

Prepare The Arm

You will be reusing the shower arm, so clean it thoroughly. There may be old plumber’s tape, rust, and limescale on the threads, so go over it with vinegar or a scale remover. Remove stubborn mineral deposits by saturating a cloth with vinegar and tying it over the threads for a few hours.

Install The Arm

When the threads are clean and have dried completely, wrap them with Teflon plumber’s tape, winding them in a clockwise direction. Plumber’s tape will help make a tight, leak-proof seal. Screw the replacement Shower Head onto the arm, being careful to match up the threads.

Turn until you feel some resistance, but don’t use force. After you’ve tightened the new Shower Head, test it for leaks and do any additional tightening that might be necessary.

If your Shower Head came with a washer as part of the assembly, use caution not to tighten it too much. It’s easy to accidentally push the washer out of position if you use too much force. Just keep making small adjustments until there are no leaks.

Questions about Your Shower Head

Why is my shower head leaking?

Generally, there is iron in the water. When the water is still standing, it becomes tight under the water and gradually becomes stiff. And these harder iron stuck in the mouth of your shower head. As a result, the shower can not flow well. The amount of water pressure inside the showerhead and pipe increases. The result is gradually leakage.

The tape section pipes and showerheads are attached. But when the amount of pressure increases inside the pipe. Then the tape goes away from its own place. The result is leakage in that place.

Many times, we buy a cheap shower head at my earliest. His head was made of iron instead of brass. So, for a few days, the rust remains in iron. As a result, leakage is made. Although think of stainless steel to look above. But the internal iron is rusty. So it is better to buy a brass head by avoiding stainless steel.

Some showerhead switches not functioning properly. That is, some water stays in the flooded form. Then it’s okay to change the inside washer. But we think that it is possible to turn the switch switches tightly. Thus, by applying pressure, this patch is cut or destroyed. As a result of which the shower was used to leakage water. Changing the switch in this situation gives good results.

Iron products are used in connection with 1 inch or 1/2 engine pipes. And the metal products were quickly wrecked. The result is leakage there.

What is the best height for my shower head?

A showerhead should be placed over your head. After the flow of water from the shavers head, it gradually increases. So you have to think about how high it can be, and it can flow well in all areas of your body.

It is usually seen above your head to be 9-36 inches high. Depending on how many Inch Shower Heads and how many GPM Flow Shower Heads you use.

How high should a showerhead be?

Generally, the height of each family is not the same. So determining the right height is very difficult. So everyone has installed it at a standard height.

And this normal height is 80 inches from the floor, 6 feet 4 inches. Setting this height does not usually have any problems. But it is better if it is considered beforehand when building the house.


A bathroom is a place for comfort and relaxation also. A shower head is a gadget that, when linked to the extreme finish of a way to obtain water, scatters water to provide a constant flow associated with water under which can wash.

The materials used for making these products could be aluminum with precious metal or chrome plating or ABS, A sort of heavy-duty plastic that’s molded. Therefore, you may get one that goes nicely with the interiors of your bathroom.

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