The Ultimate Toilet Buying Guide


The gravity-flush toilet with quite hassle-free plumbing and fixing has been used throughout the years. It has always been a simple and basic facility that we all have in our house. What we will be talking about in this article is, buying a new toilet.

We do understand for a fact that it might not be a big deal to buy one, however, you must understand that maintenance is a big issue. In the long run, the parts of the toilet, like, the water-supply valves, flush valves, and wax rings. One way or another, you will be facing these troubles from time to time.

These parts of the toilet have a tendency to fail, however, not always. If we take some time and effort and choose a toilet that is durable, comes with rough and tough parts, then maybe we would not need to replace the parts so often. The porcelain or china fixture of the toilet usually can last for decades-long.

With the upgrade in modern architecture, we cannot stick to the same bowl or tank. Therefore, to keep up with modern architecture, you might need to change the bowl. Moreover, there are a lot of times when the bowl gets cracked, which also needs instant replacement.

Nevertheless, aesthetics are also a concern. Hence, let us give you all the details that you might need while buying a toilet. Nowadays, there are a lot of options available if you look for a toilet. Toilets these days come with unique features that have water-saving features, unique double flushing for different water quantities, and many others.

If you are looking to buy something at the best value for the price, then you must do a little homework before shopping. If you honestly see, it is quite a tedious job to make research about what to buy and what not to buy. Mostly, the most important thing is to jot down all the points which you will be looking at while choosing your toilet.

You might need to plan a little which includes various aspects like measurement of the toilet, what is your budget, whether you are purchasing or replacing it, and many others. Let us look at all the aspects that we need to consider before buying a toilet.

#1 Taking Measurements.

It is very important to measure your toilet as we need to ensure first that the toilet size that we will be looking at must be able to fit into the location where we want it to be. If you are replacing, then you might need to consider a toilet which is of similar measurements as the previous one.

Measure the location of your toilet first and note down the measurements. Hence, you can start from measuring from behind your toilet, that is, the wall and then reaching the base of the toilet. There are a few things that you need to consider.

For example, if you have a toilet which is of four bolts right now, then you will need to measure your toilet from the wall to the center of the back bolts. This kind of measurement is called the rough-in measurement. You will need to keep these measurements in handy because you will need them to buy your new toilet.

#2 Researching Your Options

While you are all set with the measurements, now it is time to look at the options that are available for you to buy from. If you see, there are a lot of types of the toilet in the market and each differs with another as far as designs, size, types are concerned. Let us see what are the factors that you have while having to differ each toilet from others.

Toilet type:

There are two types of toilets available in the market. One is the one-piece and another is the two-piece model. Now let us find out what is the basic difference between the two. Firstly, as the name suggests, in the one-piece model, the whole toilet is one single unit.

That is, the water tank and the toilet bowl are all merged as a single unit and you will not need two fixes for this toilet. Generally, these kinds of toilets are very popular as they save a lot of space and time for fixing. These are also aesthetically sleek and have a low-profile. Also, these might be a little costlier than your traditional two-piece set.

Now if we talk about the two-piece set, the whole toilet is divided into two sets and the water tank and the bowl are two different units that need different fixings. These toilets come a little less costly than the previous one Not to forget the new intelligent toilets that have taken over the market recently.

These toilets come in different technologies such as temperature-adjust for heated seats and also the self-cleaning toilets too.


If we talk about the design of the toilet, they differ in many aspects starting from the bowl size, seat, flushing technologies, and many others.

#3 Bowl Shape

There are basically three types of toilet bowls from which we can choose one according to our comfortability. The three types are elongated, compact-elongated, or round-front. If you look at each type, you will find out that the elongated one will fit your bathroom at home as it is the most comfortable one with a much deeper seating space.

If you want something which takes a little less space but does not compromise much on the comfortability, then we can choose the compact-elongated. The third type, the round-front toilets are specially made for toilets which occupy the least amount of space and if your bathroom is too small, you can always get this one as it occupies very little space.

#4 Seat Height

Any normal toilet will have a height that will measure roughly to 17 inches which are commonly known as the standard-height toilets. There are toilets with a little taller heights too. These toilets are popularly known as the chair-height toilets with a height of 19 inches. They are quite comfortable for old people who have issues with too much mobility.

#5 Flush Handle Locations

The location of the flush handle is equally important as different people have different hand orientations. There are different locations where the flush handle is usually located. The flush handle can be placed at the left or right side of the tank or maybe even be at the top lid. There are a lot of options available. Moreover, there are also different types of flushing options available too. For example, the recent most technology is the touch-enabled flush where you can flush your toilet with a single touch.

#6 Flushing technologies

With the emergence of technology, we arrived in different ways of flushing. These days we have water-saving models that have an option for saving water by limiting the amount of water use. Let us see the different types of flushing options we can get:

Single Flush:

These kinds of flush do not have any different options for flush, you only have one single option for flush and there are only one tank and single amount of water that is used with each flush. These have one disadvantage, that is, even if you do not want much water to flush, you still have to use a gallon of water.

Dual Flush:

The dual flush is more water conscious, that is, you have two different tanks in this one, or you can have a two-stage lever mechanism that offers two different sizes of the flush. This type of flushing usually has a small flush for liquid waste and a large flush for solid waste. While you can use only half a gallon for flushing at the first stage, you can use 1 and a half gallons for the full flush.

Touchless Flush:

With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to have sensors that can initiate the flushing without you having to bother about it. These are battery-operated sensors that will flush everything with just a wave with your hand in front of the sensor’s eye. The best thing about these toilets is, it can limit the spread of germ as your hand will not be touching anywhere.

#7 Cost

The last aspect to look at is the cost and budget. Everyone has a budget for everything. Also, buying a toilet too needs a budget. Because the toilets do not come at a cheap price. There are toilets whose price starts from $100 and it can range up to a maximum of $5000 with the increase in artificial intelligence and technology. You need to be careful about what you need to buy as there are two ways of buying. First is, you might either need to replace or you need to buy the full set. Hence, deciding matters on the factor of cost.


We discussed various aspects that you need to consider while buying a toilet for yourself. You will need to do a little research which we have limited in this article by providing you with all the details that you need. Hopefully, you can now buy a toilet without wasting any effort or time and can have the best value for the money toilet which suits you the best.

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